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Organisation Theory and Behavioural Science

Organisation Theory and Behavioural Science Textbook-Management, Stephen P. Robbins/Mary Coulter. Prentice Hall, 10th edition. Week 1 – 4 September – No class Week 2 –11 September – Chapter 1 (Effective presentations) Introduction to Management and Organization Who are managers? What is Management? What do Managers Do? What is Organization? Why Study Management? Opportunities in China Week 3 –18 September – Chapter 3 Organizational Culture and the Environment- Culture Survey Chart P59 Charting Ethics and Innovation Pg. 65 Paradigms The Manager: Omnipotent or Symbolic?

The Organization’s Culture. The Environment Assignment 1 – Group project 1 Case Applications SWEET MUSIC (Handout) Week 4 –25 September Chapter 4 Managing in a Global Environment. Who Owns What? What’s Your Global Perspective? Understanding the Global Environment. How Organizations Go Global? Managing in a Global Environment. Is a Global Assignment for You? Cross Cultural discussion Assignment 2 – Group Project 2 Case Application ” The Roman Empire Meets the Web” (Handout) Week 5 -2 October Chapter 7 Foundations of Planning, What is planning? Why Do Managers Plan? How Do Managers Plan? Contemporary Issue in Planning. Mini MC test on Chapter 1,3 and 4 – Not to be administered at this time. Assignment 3: Group Project 3; Case Application pg. 107 (On the Rebound- Shooting for Success). Week 6 –9 October Chapter 8 Strategic Management A Manager’s Dilemma, purposes of strategic management. The 8 Steps of strategic management Submission of Assignment 1; Group Project 1 Week 7 –16 October Reading week –No class Week 8 –23 October Chapter 9 Organizational Structure and Design Defining Organizational Structure. Organizational Design Decisions.

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Common Organizational Designs. Matrix Organization Week 9 – 30 October Chapter 12, Managing Change and Innovation What is Change? Forces for Change. Two Views of the Change Process. Managing Change. TG Presentations on Change. Contemporary Issues in Managing Change. Stimulation – Innovation Submission of Assign 2 Group Project 2 Week 10 –6 November Chapter 15- Motivating Employees Early Theories of Motivation. Contemporary theories of Motivation. Current Issues in Motivation. From Theory to Practice; Suggestions for Motivating Employees Mark Geary What to seek in Managers.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator concept Review as part of quick review of Chapter 14, Foundations of Behavior. Week 11 –13 November Chapter 16 Leadership Managers among Leaders. Early Leadership theories. Contingency theories of Leadership. Cutting Edge approaches to Leadership. Contemporary Issues in Leadership Week 12 –20 November Chapters 17 Controlling and 18- Managing Operations and Value Chain Management Week 13 –27 November Submission of Group Project 3 in Class and Presentations Week 14 –4 December Revision Final Exam After December 1.


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