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Not Eating Breakfast?

We have all heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but have you really thought that statement through. Why is breakfast so important? First off breakfast can provide that extra boost in your body to get you ready for your daily activities. First off, many of us think of coffee as that necessary energy boost. Breakfast is essentially that, a energy boost, but a healthy alternative than coffee. This healthy alternative can lead to weight loss as well. Breakfast provides the nutrition to start you metabolism early in the morning.

By starting early, your body’s metabolism will run all through the day and lead to weight loss. So by not eating breakfast you are not only making you have less energy but also you will start to gain weight. America faces the huge problem of obesity. How many cases do you think could be avoided if they merely ate breakfast? Breakfast is so important it has the capabilities of changing a generation. Unfortunately what people perceive as breakfast is not really nutritious. Most college students think breakfast is grabbing a pop tart pack and leaving.

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True eating that will provide them with that morning boost but nutritiously is not helping them or their bodies. So people need to learn how to eat breakfast and a Healthy breakfast. Many case have shown how breakfast leads to weight loss. The average loss weight by people who go from eating no breakfast to a healthy breakfast is around 40 pounds. Now this weight loss alone will provide the person with more energy and ultimately the ability to lose even more weight. When you are walking to class and you are exhausted, I bet you wish you had more energy then don’t you?

You know Breakfast can provide you with that energy. With that energy, people are less prone to diseases such as depression and everyone wants to be happy. Ever go to class basically brain dead? Breakfast can fix that too! Breakfast is known to start the brain’s function early in the morning. Better brain function ultimately leads to better grades. So if you do not eat breakfast I highly recommend you try eating before tests. Breakfast may leave a mark on your grades. Good grades mean a better job and means more money.

By merely eating a nutritious you cannot only effect the present but your future. The point I am stressing here the huge impact a healthy breakfast has on someone’s life. You can be a healthier individual with more energy for your daily routine. This health will lead to a better immune system and less trips the doctors, which can become expensive. Breakfast improves your physical abilities and mental abilities. Breakfast can help lead a person to their full potential. Breakfast ultimately has the ability to change your present and the future for the better.


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