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Com/156 Week 4 Assignment

Should the government hold us responsible for the behavior and educational success of our kids? Thesis Statement Brian Warren You see a child or a teenager trying to break into a car, and you ask yourself, why are they doing that and where are the parents. Every year you hear in the news that a child brings a weapon into school or another teenager kills somebody over something as small as a dollar, and again you ask yourself where are the parents. Should the government hold parents accountable for actions such as these? Yes, the government should hold them responsible.

Parents are already held responsible for the health and wellbeing of their kids, why are behavior and the educational success of their kids not part of that? If the government will not hold them responsible for the crime of their child, than the government should at least hold them liable for any damage, at least until the child is considered an adult. It is a touchy subject for some parents who think that if their child does something wrong then they should pay for their crimes and they should do the time, if to only show them that if you do something illegal there are consequences.

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In that case then the government should only hold parents responsible for the health and wellbeing of their children. It is a small amount of parents that think like that, and for the adults that do not have children, they think like a lot of other people who see crimes and damages that are be committed by the nation’s youth and are always wondering about the parents of these kids. Parents need to be held responsible for the behavior and educational success of their kids.

If the parents are held responsible in some type of way for the child’s crime, it might deter the child from doing it again, because it would teach the child that there are consequences for their actions without them seeing the inside of a cell. If a child is of adult age, than the child should be held responsible for their own actions, because that child knows the difference between right and wrong. A child under the age of thirteen does not always know the difference between right and wrong, so why should we hold them responsible.


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