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Strategies of Burberry

OVERVIEW From its founding in 1856, Burberry has become the leading British luxury brand globally. The brand is defined by: •Britishness •Authentic outerwear heritage •Historic icons: the trench coat, trademark check and Prorsum knight logo •Democratic luxury positioning •Innovation and intuition The business is driven by: •Design, marketing and retail-led . . . Read more

Infrastructure and Rural Development in Malaysia

INFRASTRUCTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN MALAYSIA Introduction 1. Malaysia has achieved substantial success in its rural development, especially in reducing the incidence of poverty in both rural and urban. In the process, the rural areas have been developed with infrastructures, utility, social amenities, health and school facilities and etc to . . . Read more

Dell Case Working Capital

Brief Outline This case is regarding Dell computers financial status in the period from 1991 to 1995. In this analysis we intend to highlight the various issues related to working capital experienced by the company. What makes this case interesting is the turnaround of Dell’s financial structure which in turn . . . Read more

Wool Processor

Wool Collection, Wool Scouring, Wool Grease Recovery and Products made from Wool Grease Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (German Agency for Technical Cooperation) Regional Economic Development Programme Component 1 Mongolia Edited by Theo Hensels Team Leader Component 1 Project implemented by IAK-ABG Regional Economic Development Programme Mongolia This . . . Read more

Change Management in Al Noor Hospital

The Journey of Noor Hospital During Change Submitted by: Rami Nour Al-Smadi On: Monday April 11th 2011 Table of Contents 1Abstract3 2Introduction3 3Case Summary4 4Discussion7 4. 1The Nature of Change7 4. 2Typology of Change8 4. 3Process of Change9 4. 4Factors Effecting Change:11 4. 4. 1Deep structure11 4. 4. 2Single-loop learning12 . . . Read more

Cost Volume Profit Analysis: Establishing a Decision Model

Ryan Lagano Professor Van Leer Accounting 200-010 Honors Paper Cost Volume Profit Analysis: Establishing a Decision Model In today’s modern world of businesses and corporations, there is a common goal shared throughout every industry: increase profits. With increases in technology and developing methods, businesses have come far lengths in increasing . . . Read more