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Best Group Leader

Best Group Leader
I recently attended a leadership camp organised by my school .It is such a great moment for thestudents to gain a new experience. This camp were attended by 150 students and 40 teachers. Atthe camp, one of my friends was choosen as the best group leader .As the leader of school magazinemembers ,I have been asked to write an article about my friends for my school magazine.
My friends name is MUHD ALI BIN ABU who is a person was choosen as the best group leader. Heis 16 years old.ali is about average height with square shoulders. He was a heart-shaped face with apair of small eyes.ali is a smple person although everybody know his family was a rich family. He is aactive student. He always attended for school and always join anything activity from co-curricular activity.
The reason lucky he was choosen as the best group leader was his always be responsible about his work. He always focus about his work and always be a serious student when making a work. He also try to make it his work to be the best. He also has a good heart because he is a caring student.Ali always ask his friends about the problem of his friends dealt with and try to solve it. That’s why all of Ali’s friends like to be friends with him.
Next,he is a best speaker for camp debate.When he start debate, everyone who hear it will be glued about what Ali try to send the massege in his debate. When he debate, his voice was loud and clear. Ali was a funny guy but he is a decipline student. He always came early on school,try to be apunctual student when went to class and always help teacher.
Another things that Ali was choosen as the best group leader was he is intelligent student. Ali is always top student when every test in school. He is a smartest boy and he always help his friend about the subject that his friends didn’t understand it.
As the reward about the best group leader, Ali has been certifate of achievement and…


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