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2009 Ap Us History Dbq

Nina Gibbs11.15.2013AP US HistoryDBQDocument A Many slaves escaped to the South as the Union troops arrived. African men, women, and children slaves’ actions urged the government to deal with slavery. This letter displays the pressure the Union was under in deciding what to do with escaped slaves.In the early civil war, Major General Benjamin Butler wrote a letter to secretary of war, Simon Cameron discussing all the chaotic events and conditions in Virginia. He said that many desperate African American slaves wanted protection from Confederates who wanted to force them to build river barricades. The slaves forced Butler and Lincoln organization to decide whether the fugitive slaves would be returned back to their ‘masters’, or be put in jail. Butler said the slaves were a “contraband of war” who could help the Union by working in the trenches, if they were able.
Document EAfrican American northerners contributed to the African American community generally. Charlotte Forten, was a teacher of many African Americans from the North, who came down to educate other African Americans. Despite all the bad conditions in which they were undergoing, african americans of all ages were eager to learn.Charlotte Forten, who came from a proud abolitionist background in Pennsylvania, was the first Black teacher from the North to teach former slaves in the South. In this document, Charlotte Forten writes of her amazement that came from the desire to learn that the Black children AND adults displayed. Their zeal for an education was not hindered by childish distractions, backbreaking field work, or by suffering.
Document FIn the Civil War, it was now being discussed that social changes should take place since blacks were willing to fight in the war despite mistreatment. After the Whites saw this they began to see african americans as human, so to speak. This article shows the the amazement of the acceptance of blacks in New York…


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