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Great Gatsby Love Story

As children, we have all dreamt of money, being rich; owning an extravagantmansion, magnificent cars, and being married to a prince or princess. Basically,we dream of the perfect life, with the perfect spouse. Generally, this dream isknown as the American Dream, which is the belief that if one works hard, . . . Read more

Story Of An Hour And Sorrowful Woman

The Story of an Hour and Gail Godwin’s A Sorrowful Woman are both similarpieces of literary work in that both stories offers a revealing glimpse ofextremely unhappy marriages. Both Mrs. Mallard and the unnamed mistress in ASorrowful Woman called (the wife) seem to reveal a problem or possibly a diseasewhich . . . Read more

The Handmaids Tale Is A Story About Power Do You Agree?

The Handmaid’s Tale Is A Story About Power Do You Agree?The Handmaid’s Tale is a story about powerDo you agree?As you read through the handmaid’s tale you see the relationships of the characters develop and the fight for power, however small that glimpse of power may be. The images of . . . Read more

Short Story

Sans VieI don’t remember how I died, but yet I remember the nothingness that submerged my mind when it happened. I could feel everyone around me at my funeral; I could hear the screams of my parents, the cries of my close friends, and the laughter of my enemies; when . . . Read more

2011 cxc award winning best short story

Quesion5:A cold hand grasped his wrist as he slumped tohis knees.Write a story which includes these words._____________________________________________________This story is based on Question 5 above.A Miner’s StoryThe gold bearing plateau of the Guiana Shield is every miner?sdestination. But many times, it is also their doom. The rainforestholds a hellish hatred, a . . . Read more

1000 Word Narrative Story

Unit 1 – The Digital WorldApproximately 30 HoursOn Screen test AssessedLearning Objectives * Investigate online services and online communication * Investigate components of the internet and how digital devices exchange and store information * Investigate issues with operating online.ScenarioYou are to create a workbook for the Digital World to help . . . Read more

Short Story Comparison- A&P And An Ounce Of Cure

If a reader is given two short stories, two stories that are seemingly different on the surface, to read and compare and contrast, a surprising amount of similarities and differences can be found. Unless they deal with the same subject matter, most short stories aren’t really related, until some analysis . . . Read more

Christmas Story

There once was elf named Fred that loved playing pranks. He would come up with biggest and best pranks ever to be done in the North Pole. People enjoyed the pranks, well only the funny ones but Fred sometimes liked to pull mean pranks to laugh at people.Fred worked the . . . Read more

Fairy Story

Once upon a time there sat a young girl in a strange and wonderousgarden. It may as well have been a fairy garden for all of the mysticalsplendor it held, and the girl that dwelled within was of the right sort toappreciate the magic without needing to understand it. While . . . Read more


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