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Jewish Philosophy And Social Work

Jewish Social Philosophy For centuries, mankind as a whole has always desired or searched for love at some given point if not for their entire life span. Love is a concept that while the dictionary will give you various definitions, can not really be defined, but rather felt. Even if . . . Read more

Social Work and Direct Payments

In this essay I am going to critic, evaluate and analyse direct payments and the implications they have had on social work practice. The Direct Payments Act 1996 enabled local authorities to offer cash in lieu of social services. They were introduced for adults of working age in April 2007 . . . Read more

Mental Health & Social Work – Victoria, Australia

The Legal Context of Social Work Practice: An examination of the history of Victorian Mental Health Act (1986) and changes in social policy and human rights legislation that lead to the introduction of the Exposure Draft Mental Health Bill (2010), and associated implications for Social Workers. Introduction: This paper looks . . . Read more

Social Work with Maori in New Zealand

Social Work Theory 23rd March 2011 Critical Commentary by Suzy Atkin In New Zealand we are taught that indigenous identities; tangata whenua are an important focus to our social work practice. Not only because they are the people of the land, but because they are the most oppressed and politically . . . Read more

Social Work

Social Work Values and Ethics The 6 core values of the NASW code of ethics include service, social justice, dignity, and worth of a person, he importance of human relationships, integrity and competence. Social workers have ethical responsibilities to clients, colleagues, in practice settings, as professionals, to the social work . . . Read more


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