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Table of Content 1. Introduction 1. Background———————————————————-3 2. Objective ———————————————————-3 3. Vision ———————————————————-3 2. Executive Summary ———————————————————-4 3. Situation Analysis: SWOT analysis 1. Strengths ———————————————————-5 2. Weakness———————————————————-6 3.

Opportunities———————————————————-6 4. Threats ———————————————————-7 4. Marketing Strategy: Marketing Mix 1. Product ———————————————————-8 2. Place ———————————————————-9 3. Price ———————————————————-10 4. Promotion ———————————————————-11 5. Reference———————————————————————12 1. Introduction 1. Background Mister Softee is owned by the Ng Enterprises Ltd. After Ted Drew, MR. HO GAN YUEN, MR. TONG HORK YUEN traveled to England, they brought the idea of Mister Softee from England to Hong Kong. In 1970, they received the right of Mister Softee and located the factory in Fo Tan. Since the Hong Kong Government has stopped to issue the new hawking licenses in 1978, and the existing licenses cannot be transferred to other transport, the fourteen vans are still running on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Mister Softee is common in Hong Kong through many years. . 1. 2 Objective The company aims to provide the fresh ice cream through the delivery process (Mister Softee van is the method that sale the ice cream to the customers. ) Also the company believes that “When there are people, there must be someone who likes to eat or want to eat ice cream”. Since Mister Softee is in the maturity stage at the Product Life Cycle, customers are come from majority so there are peak sales, Therefore the production costs is low as result. The competitor of the product are stable and maximize profit occur while marketing share of the product is constant.

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At last, we hope that the following financial year (2009) can make 10% profit. 2. 1. 3 Vision Mister Softee has become the largest franchiser of soft ice cream trucks in Hong Kong. They provide a safety ice-cream to customer. This has been achieved through quality truck construction, advertising and most importantly by the efforts of the great people that make up the franchise dealer organization. Also, Mister Softee gives a lot of funs and memory to people. 2. Executive Summary Our new marketing focus, made explicit in this plan, renews our vision and strategic focus on adding value to our target market segments in our local market.

A serious problem is that we cannot survive just waiting for the customer to discover us since our selling point is not fixed. Instead, we must get better at focusing on t the communication with the final consumers. Therefore, we need to focus our marketing message and our product offerings. We need to develop a better message and communication with our customers. Market position The Financial Tsunami will change the purchasing behavior and decreasing the purchasing power of the customers.

Our marketing challenge is to position our product and service offerings as the high quality but reasonable price in order to attract the customers’ attention. Target Market Mister Softee focuses on children, teenagers and adults in the local market; with specially focus on the high density street. We hope for higher sales and stronger position within the segment marketing strategy. 3. Situation Analysis 3. 1 SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis captures key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Mister Softee. 3. 1. 1 Strengths

Strengths of Mister Softee mean the internal forces that lead them to success. First, Mister Softee is a well know company that Hong Kong people must know. It has a famous ice cream brand. Also they provide very good service. In addition, it has a powerful MIDI song, The Blue Danube, which can recall the customers to buy its products. In terms of the quality, the ice cream’s cone is more delicious than others and the selling point of the ice cream are FRESH because it produces immediately when you order. 3. 1. 2 Weakness Some weakness of Mister Softee can be found which needs to improve.

The range of the type is not wide enough for the customers to choose. It offers vanilla flavor Soft Ice Cream Crispy Sugar Cone, Nutty Drumstick, Large Cups and Jumbo Orange only since Mister Softee appears. In the price list, only the price will be changed but not the type. Also the price is relatively high. Besides, it never establishes a fixed selling point. Therefore customers are difficult to buy its products when they wanted. 3. 1. 3 Opportunity For the geographic factor, Hong Kong’s summer is very long and hot. Many people like to buy a cup of ice cream when they feel hot. So that ice-cream can bring a greatly sales.

Hong Kong is a very great environment to develop a company which selling ice cream. For the Economic factors, Hong Kong people have a great buying power and spending patterns since Hong Kong people have a high living standard. They are willing to spend money on the shopping product. Also, the price of fuel is decreasing in 2008 until now. It can reduce some expenses of the fuel recently. For the social factors, the population size keeps increasing in Hong Kong. Hence, the potential buyers increase too. It can immediately increase the sales. So, it may get a great profit in the following year. 3. 1. 4 Treat

First, there are many competitors such as Walls, Dreyers. These ice creams can buy in 7-11 and supermarket, but we can’t buy Mister Softee’s ice-cream anytime. It decreases Mister Softee’s sales revenue because it has less opportunity to give people to touch its ice-cream. Besides, political forces also affect the sales revenue as Government agencies had banned the license application. This limited Mister Softee’s supply, therefore, Mister Softee cannot extend the selling point. 4. Marketing Strategy -marketing mix Mister Softee’s marketing mix is comprised of these following approaches to product, distribution, price and promotion. . 1 Product Mister Softee has four types of ice-cream included Soft Ice Cream Crispy Sugar Cone, Nutty Drumstick, Large Cups and Jumbo Orange. The spokesperson of the company claims that “Our ice cream is different. Ours are creamier,” The production method of Mister Softee is enclosed as a commercial secret. But the company indicates that there are different kinds of milk for production such as whole milk, skimmed milk, cream, frozen cream, condensed milk products and milk solid were imported from Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.

Product (Brand name / Feature / Design) The quality level of mister softee is pretty good because the ice cream is smooth. The features of the product is a high mobility of sales point . The product use Mister Softee as a brand name. It aims to provide fresh ice cream every day to the consumers. The product classified as a consumer products because consumers usually bought by impulse as the sales location is flexible. The symbol and design as the following picture showed: [pic]

Through the customer’s view point, Mister Softee can increase the flavor of the ice-cream such as chocolate, mango, strawberry, coffee which offer more choices for customer to buy and increase the sales volume and give more satisfaction to the customer. 4. 2Place The main selling points of Mister Softee are Tsim Sha Tsui Star Pier, Central Star Pier, Wan Chi, Mong Kok and Victoria Park etc. Although the selling points are sufficient, many customers still cannot buy the product conveniently because Mister Softee does not have a fixed place to sell their ice-cream and does not near the residential area.

Therefore, I have some suggestions to increase the target customer. First, Mister Softee can sale their products at schools or a residential area because children and younger love eat ice-cream, if the selling place can be broadened in there, it may attract them to buy ice-cream after school. Second, Mister Softee can do an observational research periodically such as half a year to gather primary data about the maximum volume of which district. Consequently, Mister Softee can target their market in which district to increase their sales volume and customer loyalty.

Third, it can update their selling place in the internet every day which can let the target customers know where they can buy the product. So, it can increase the sales volume. 4. 3Price Mister Softee used value based pricing to set up the price. Mister Softee sets its target price based on customer perceptions of the product value. In 1970, the price of each Mister Softee ice-cream is 50 cents. The price is between five to seven Hong Kong Dollars. We can detrude “seasonal discount” in winter because sales revenue is relatively low in winter. We can provide 10% off if use Octopus.

It can attract people buy Mister Softee’s ice-cream in winter. Under Financial Tsunami’s long term influence in the following year, we are appreciated to detrude “Tsunami discount” which bulk purchase can have a discount. For instance, buy five get one free. Modified Price List: | |Original Price |1st November to 31st March (seasonal |Other days (Tsunami discount) | | | |discount) | | |Soft Ice Cream Crispy Sugar Cone |HKD$7. 0 |HKD$6. 30 |Buy five get one free | |Nutty Drumstick |HKD$7. 00 |HKD$6. 30 | | |Large Cups |HKD$6. 00 |HKD$5. 40 | | |Jumbo Orange |HKD$5. 00 |HKD$4. 50 | | 4. 4 Promotion Mister Softee used a red-white-blue outlook trucks, and broadcast the Blue Danube to attract customers.

Even though these promotions are in depth to people memories, they still have to promote a new promotion plan to enhance customer loyalty and create a long term relationship with old customer. First, Mister Softee can use a red-white-blue outlook trucks picture to create a poster to attract more customers to try its ice-cream. Secondly, Mister Softee can change their packaging such as the appearance of the cups with using other symbol and color to increase people’s attention. Thirdly, it can cooperate with some shop like 7-11 or OK to sell the ice cream which can make the selling place more fixable.

So, customers can buy the ice cream any time when they wanted. Reference http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Mister_Softee http://www. com. cuhk. edu. hk/varsity/0703/food2. htm http://www. nestle. com. hk/tradch/products/icecream/index. asp http://www. mistersoftee. com/about. html http://www. morebusiness. com/templates_worksheets/bplans/printpre. brc ———————– MISTER SOFTEE Marketing Plan This marketing plan is prepare for 2009, Mister Softee in Hong Kong 2008 21909F-2C 2008/11/28 Prepared by: CHAN MAN YEE (2) CHEUNG PUI CHING (6) CHEUNG YIM PING (7) CHUNG MAN YU (9) YU CHUI KWAN (31) Brand name Symbol


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