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SOC 100 Entire Course
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SEI 300 Week 6 Team Assignment Lesson Plan Presentation——————————————————————————————————————————————————–
SOC 100 Week 5 Assignment Global Social Issues and Change Paper and PresentationFor more course tutorials visit
Select a current, global social issue related to political, economic, cultural, structural, ecological, environmental, demographic, or technological change.
Explore the Culturegrams resource in the University library for specific information and data on nations and ethnic groups around the world. To access the Culturegrams resource, complete the following steps:• Click the Library Resources link.
• Click Country Profiles and Economic Data.
• Click Culturegrams.
• Navigate by clicking on the map and by using the keyword Searchoption.Research peer-reviewed articles, and provide pro and con arguments on the global social issue.
Write a 1,750- to 2,400-word comprehensive paper on your chosen topic. Complete the following:• Identify the global social issue.
• Identify the specific, affected population groups, if applicable.
• Identify how the social issue has affected global social change.
• Explain any resistance to the social change.
• Explain how various affected social groups have dealt with the issue.
• Explain…


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