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Significant of English Communicaiton

Introduction After 1997 Hong Kong had been returned the governance of The Peoples’ Republic of China, the usage of Chinese character and Putonghua became popular. However the significance of spoken and written communication in English is still substantial. The below argument is to address how importance of English communication in the business sector of Hong Kong.
The importance of English communication After my university graduation, I joined a local Chinese Bank as a Relationship Manager in an Enterprise Banking Department. Though the internal company circulation and colleagues’ conservation were conducted in Chinese, I had to write the credit application in English. To certain extent I realized that effective English report writing could easily let Credit Approver endorse the proposal. My previous job duty was to negotiate with corporate clients for cross selling of bank’s loans products and investment products. Very often I could find a sizable deal from overseas companies, however, sometimes I lost the deal because my English presentation might be too bored and vague. It was the first time I knew that the proficiency in English was one of the crucial factors to succeed in business environment, and I had to improve the skills by continuous studying in order to get promotion. Later on, being the employed organization taken over by a Singaporean Bank Group, I have to closely work with many foreign colleagues.
Presently my main duties are to manage a large commercial loan portfolio and lead a team of 6 members to achieve the assigned revenue target. Except the general chatting with the peers in Cantonese, almost 90% of the time is required English communication in my daytime activities such as spending in e-mail activity (50%), management meeting (20%), and clients and colleagues oral communication (30%). To classify the task nature, the activities can be divided into the following 4 categories in which the proficiency in English shows its importance….


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