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The North Korean government is similar to the government in 1984 because of the lifestyle and disbelief of reality by the people, the propaganda, the strict rules over the country, and the punishments for traitors against the government. The lifestyle of people in North Korea greatly relates to how the people live in 1984 . In , everyone, but the people in the Inner Party, gets small amounts of horrible f DOD while everything is rationed. This is the same for North Koreans. For meals they us ally get corn meal with soybean soup made from soy bean remnants and unseasoned chime, a rotational Korean food made of pickled cabbage.

However, the Inner Party of North Korea, which h includes government officials along with their families, gets highroad rice, eggs, and if SSH (Kim). Many people say that when they see North Korea, that it’s not in as bad as shape as everyone claims. However, Tim urban, a tourist let into the country, wrote, ” So there will be a gorgeous museum with huge chandeliers and polished marble floors, but the water won’t be run inning in the Miller 2 bathroom. Or a heightened restaurant with upscale decor that’s also sweltering hot because the air indignation isn’t working” (Urban). Urban further explains that North Korea is a professional at being a nice but cruddy place at the same time. Most of the citizens of North Korea believe that their country is “dominant” co marred to other countries, leading many people to believe that all North Koreans are baa d. However, they have no choice. Both populations in Oceania and North Korea are forced to believe that what their government does is good. They have no freedom of anything. If they are to rebel or think differently, they will be harshly punished, usually in harbored camps where t eye are sentenced to life.

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The North Korean citizens are unaware what is going on in the world o outside of their county’. They still believe that North and South Korea are “united” and hate b Ewing called North Korea. All the posters in North Korea show the whole Korean peninsula as the IR country (e. G. See Fig. 1) (Urban). Not only are the people of North Korea forced to believe thing s that aren’t true, but they also have to follow weird and strict rules. One of these rules is that e everyone, in homes, schools, and other public facilities, have to have a picture of Kim Sung II and K IM Gong II hung debris on a wall.

This is required and checked upon randomly by the gave rent, who also provides a “special towel” in order to clean their pictures every day (Urban). T hose pictures are also hung outside of buildings in the community and around all of North Core a (e. G. See Fig 2 and Fig 3) (Urban). The kids in school are also taught about stories of their lea deer, and have to recite things from their teachers at school about how their leaders are great ( acceptances). The reasoning behind the North Korean citizen’s ignorance, is the way North Korea portrays themselves and everyone else.

Radio broadcasts, television, and thee r propaganda fall into four categories: the leaders of North Korea and how great they are, mostly y Kim Sung II; how Miller 3 strong the North Korean military is and how they’re going to crush everyone e Sis; negative things about America and South Korea; North Korea people living in peace, ha irony, and happiness (e. G. See Fig. 4 and Fig. 5). At the Three Revolutions Exhibition Hall I n North Korea, there is a large sign that says, “A World Without North Korea Need Not Survive e” (Kim).

As shown in the documentary called, “A Day in North Korea,” the national anthem seems to be playing everywhere you go. As you can also see from that documentary, there are guards everywhere. You can not get out of their path of sight (Speculate 14). Not only do they “brainwash” their people, but they try to do it to visitors as well. When visitors come to North Korea, which is very rare, they find it rather “odd lay okay. ” However, they see some faults when they think about it harder. When Urban visited, he was given Korean newspaper that was translated into English for foreigners.

These e newspapers spouted lies and nonsense (e. G. See Fig. 7 and Fig. 8) (Urban). Every visitor sat yes at Hangdog Hotel a hotel on a small island in the middle of Pyongyang. This hotel always has AI conditioning and is fully lit, even though the rest of the City has little to no elect tricky (e. G. See Fig. 6) (Urban). They also find it a bit “sketchy’ when they see the bodies of Ski m Sung II and Kim Gong II on display at the Samsung Palace of the Sun (e. G. See Fig. 9) (Urban n). When Urban visited, not only did he find everything strange, the way he was treated wasn’t all that pleasant either.

Not only was he called an American Imperialist in front of his face, but e was told lies by tour guides that he knew were false, but couldn’t say anything at that time. Urban wrote in his blob post, ” I’d find myself in these perplexing situations trying to figure out if a oligopolies North Korean was in on it or not. Was she thinking, ‘l know this is false, you ink owe this is false, but live here so I goat play the game’? Or was she fully brainwashed and too aught she was Miller 4 telling me the truth? It was impossible to tell” (Urban).

Many defectors, which are people who give up allegiance to one state for another, say that after escaping North Core a that they’ve been earning lies their whole lives. Many claim that they knew deep down that some thing was wrong however, tried not to think about it much (James and Lee). You may be wondering, “what about all of the older people who were alive be fore the Korean War? ” Well, older people that are in North Korea tend to stay quiet, be government officials, or they were put in proportions. In “A Day in North Korea,” an older man, who was a government official, still talked in a South Korean dialect.

The North Korean did elect originated in the sass’s, causing older folk to have troubles speaking it. This shows that t e older people know what’s changed and what was going on before the war, yet they do not speak up about it, afraid they might be punished (Acceptances). As mentioned previously, if North Koreans try to go against their government, they will get sent to prison camps, much like the Ministry of Love in 1984 . North Korean prison camps and the Ministry of Love are very similar due to the practices done within the establishments to the prisoners.

Timothy Gang, a prisoner that later escaped one of these prison ins, described the life of a prisoner held there. He described fellow prisoners being hunched over a d looking like “skeletons barely covered with skin” (James and Lee) Gang also said that he w as forced to work seventeen hours of hard labor and watch the inmates around him die from ii there exhaustion or starvation. To show how truly terrible these camps are, Ann. Among Chi, a GU rd that worked for seven years at a prison camp, said that he truly thought the prisoners were e bad people, causing him to not feel guilty while punishing them.

Ann. went through month s of training where he was convinced of the crime every prisoner had committed for being traitor s to the regime Miller 5 (James and Lee). Another horrific part of Ann.’s story was that he talked about how the prisoners were never meant to be released. This can relate to 1984 . After the prisoners were starved and overworked, close to what Winston went through, they either died or were kill deed; they would never be let go. Prisoners were treated horribly: they were lined up like punch ins bags for the guards, newborns were thrown in pots, cooked, and fed to dogs, and people were beat so badly that they became disabled.

This shows how gruesome these camps, and the North Korean rule, truly are. It is appalling to think about how people in North Korea are living today. You c an only feel sorry for the citizens to have to suffer there, especially when they don’t k now what’s actually happening in the world out “here. ” The Kim family has an interesting way of running their people, making their country similar to Ocean’s. They are so similar that t they even call each other “comrade” (Urban). We just have to hope that one day the people of North Korea will be given freedom, because no one deserves a life like that. Miller 6 Fig. 2 Fig. Shows United Peninsula Kim Sung II and Kim Gong II Pictures Painting of Kim Sung II and Kim Gong II Fig. Fig. 5 Fig. Propaganda Poster in North Korea Propaganda poster of N. Red Marker Pinpointing Hangdog Hotel Korea Crushing U. S. A Miller 7 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9 Newspaper Article Kim Gong Sis’s Body on Display Miller 8 Annotated Bibliography James, Daniel, and Sophia Lee. “Fleeing Hell. ” World Magazine . 22 Mar. 2014: n. P. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 04 Mar. 2015. This article mainly talks about labor camps in North Korea. The first thing it mentions is the labor camps and the prisoners that ha eve escaped or tried to escape in general.

The article then become more specific as it meet ions a risen that escaped and had described thoroughly of what his life was like a TA labor camp. It also mentioned a lot about that certain prisoner’s coming to Christian unity. The next thing it talks about is a guard that used to work at a prisoner camp. This guard talks about what he believed and was forced to do to the prisoners. He also tells SST orgies about what happened around him, showing how truly horrible these prisons were. Kim, Hymn Sick. “The Secret History of Kim Gong II. ” Foreign policy Sis. 168 . Septet. /cot. 2008: 4453. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 04 Mar. 2015.

This article is obviously about the fife of Kim Gong II. It focuses a lot more on his younger than days than when h e was in power, however it does mention it in order to compare it to his past self. This article talks about an old tutor of Kim Gong Sis’s who used to also tutor his family. This tutor mentions how he used to be as a child and what it was like to be in his house. It also SSH owed some things that were happening in the country. Acceptances. “A Day In North Korea AOL,II Babe g Cheep’%l Kopje. ” Online video clip. Youth. Youth, 29 DCE. 2010. Web. 28. Feb.. 2015. This was a documentary found o Youth that was all in Korean.

This documentary was very interesting because Miller 9 showed what life is like in North Korea on a normal basis. Also, due to my pre obvious knowledge of the Korean language along with my understanding of basic Koru conversation, I could understand the just of what was going on, helping me a to in researching for my paper. This is also where I got some facts that I thought w loud be interesting in my paper because not everyone can understand Korean that we II. This is where had an advantage in researching this subject, helping me find out MO re facts than others about North Korea like the dialect that they speak.


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