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Use PAPA style throughout including a title page, citations in the text and the formatted reference page. If you have any questions regarding PAPA style, please consult the PAPA Publication Manual – 6th Edition. Details about the assignment are described at the end Of the syllabus. Overview for PSYCH 40 Research Paper For this course, the primary assignment will be completion of a research paper which students will individually work on throughout the term. It will be submitted in the following progression: 1) selection of a research topic, 2) bibliography, 3) abstract draft and then the 4) final copy of the paper uh in Week 6 of the class.

Your paper should be an extension of an area of study presented and/or discussed as part of this course. The topic of your study should be one of interest to you personally. The Process After selecting the topic of study (due Week 2), go to the Foothill College library or online at http://whippoorwill. Du/library/doubtless. PH and locate and review at least five (S) current research report articles (published within the past 7 years). The author(s) of the article must have conducted the study and their journal article is a report of what the data indicated.

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You can go to he library in person or you can go electronically on the internet as a remote user. You must use library resources for this paper, DO NOT simply “Google” your topic and hope to find what you need. That would be a big mistake. The references must be from peer-reviewed journals, NOT chapters in books, News Releases, Newsletters, or interesting articles from magazines. Submit a bibliography of your research in Week 4. What is a research study report? The article you select is a report of a real research project, NOT just someone’s opinion, an analysis, or a “think article” on the topic.

A research port article is a report of a specific research project conducted by the author(s) and written by the author(s) and describes the research sample, methods of data collection and findings of this specific research project Be sure your articles are actual studies and are published in a professional peer reviewed journal. A minimum of five research articles of this type from professional journals (I. E. Child Development, Journal of Experimental Child Psych. , etc. ) must listed in the bibliography, however you will only review 3 for the final paper.

Do not go to the public library and expect to find the material or this paper. Be sure your articles are actual studies and are published in a peer-reviewed journal. Do not include Newsweek, Redbook, Parents Magazine, Psychology Today, or books that review research topics, these references will not be acceptable. Ten (10) points per reference will be subtracted for each reference which is not an actual report of a specific research study by the author, and published in a peer reviewed journal. If you desire approval on your selected articles, I would be glad to look at them and tell you if they are appropriate.


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