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A Psychological Approach to Seasonal Affective Disorder
Daisy Soto
Elmhurst CollegeAbstract
The sole purpose of this research is to explain what Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is, along with the various causes and effects of the mental instability. After finding the effects, the paper will present some of the symptoms people experience when they become afflicted with SAD. The paper will also explain how SAD can affect ones attitude and daily living. Finally there are various treatments for SAD. I also did some research on some
Seasonal Affective Disorder is mood disorder characterized by recurring depression in autumn and winter, separated by periods of non-depression in spring and summer. (Britannica Online Encyclopedia) During this research I discovered different causes, effects, symptoms, how SAD can really affect someone’s life as well and treatments SAD patients can seek.
SAD can begin as early as teenage years and obviously adulthood. It is more prevalent in woman than men, like more forms of depression. (PubMed Health). According to The New York Times 2013, it is not quite clear on what the causes are for SAD but it most likely has to do with a combination of genetics, biology, and factors from our environment. (SAD, Causes). Since depression can run in the family, it can also be assumed that people suffer with this type of depression due to that. “Relatives of patients with depression are two to six times more likely to develop the problem.” (NYT, Causes). As far as biology, it is said that Serotonin is a very important neurotransmitter in depression. If there is an imbalance in the Serotonin levels, than that triggers depression and other mood disorders. (NYT, Causes). In an article by Jacquelyn Flaskerud, she says, that our serotonin levels are lower during the months of winter. Our heart rate becomes “synchronized” with the light exposure influences. So when…


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