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Perfume Sales and Inventory System

AFICIONADO’S SALES AND INVENTORY SYSTEM A Project Presented to the Faculty of the Computer Engineering Technology Department Technological University of the Philippines Taguig Campus In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Computer System Analysis Presented By: CHARMANNE PANTALEON MICHAEL JOSEPH CASAR September 2010 i ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are thankful not only for those people who helped us but also we are thankful for the new information that this project brought forth to us, information that neither of us didn’t know before.

To our Computer System Analysis Professor, Engr. Rommel Dalisay, for helping us do the proper guidelines and procedures to come up with the required project, for never hesitating to share whatever he knows and for sharing his knowledge and expertise to make this project possible. To our group, the group mates namely: Mr. Michael Joseph Casar and Ms. Charmanne Pantaleon for exerting much of the efforts to finish this project. We had a breakdown of work just so we can have the project on time. We are very thankful to each other for doing the assigned work. To our classmates nd friends who have been a very good provider of support. We are very thankful for them not only for their support but also for their suggestions that have been very useful to us. For our beloved family who has been a great source of motivation, financial and moral support and most importantly encouragement to go on even though we come across problems as we go along. We would like to highlight the financial support that we just mentioned. If it wasn’t for their financial support all of these wouldn’t be possible so we give the appreciation for their efforts as well.

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And lastly for our Almighty God, for giving us strength to carry on, guidance, and a continued blessing. i TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Pagei Acknowledgementii Table of Contentsiii Chapter 1: Introduction: Overview of the System1 1. 1 Statement of the Problem2 1. 2 Significance of the Project3 1. 3 Objectives of the Project4 1. 4. 1 General 1. 4. 2 Specific 1. 4 Scopes and Limitations5 Chapter 2: Methodology6 Chapter 3: System Analysis Phase 3. 1 Data Gathering Procedure7 3. 2 Functional Requirements8 3. 3 Event Table9 3. 4 Activity Diagram10 3. 5 DFD (Data Flow Diagram)14 Chapter 4: System Design Phase . 1 System Flowchart17 4. 2 Structured Chart19 4. 3 Database Design (ERD)21 4. 4 User Interface Design22 Chapter 5: System Testing 30-31 Chapter 6: System Implementation 6. 1 Hardware/Software Requirements32 6. 2 Non-Functional Requirements32 Chapter 7: Discussion of Results33 Chapter8: Summary and Recommendation36 Chapter 9: Bibliography37 iii Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION For the past decade or so we have begun to realize that computers are so indispensable necessity. They’re around us everywhere, starting from our comfortable household to rovers from other planets.

With rapid growth of human-computer interaction, more and more useful software are replacing human efforts. The system we propose in this report integrates the idea to automated, instead of manually, manage inventory of a perfume’s stall, meanwhile it can generate sales report, inventory report, etc, which all require human efforts previously. As a result, this system can reduce possible human errors and provide accurate information of inventory at any point. Nowadays, more and more companies tend to use any available software to maintain information over a long term.

We design the Aficionado’s Automated Sales and Inventory System to approach this goal with features that help improve data consistency, maintain necessary inventory level. With these goals in mind, we decide to incorporate design philosophy as well as user friendly interface into the system, meanwhile to have powerful functions that manifest all the users’ requirements and needs. 1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM As we know manual system are quiet tedious, time consuming and less efficient and accurate in comparison to the computerized system.

We analyze the Aficionado’s inventorying needs and some general requisites when it comes to managing those assets. Business everywhere has come to realize that process integration is the best method for querying, standardizing, and organizing information about the infrastructure. The way information is queried from the database and displayed on-screen must be snappy enough so those employees don’t have to wait and get bored to tears while some rotating hourglass is animated. Inventory mismanagement is one of the most common causes of company decline.

One concern is how to reflect inventory level as quick as possible, since the sales of perfumes occupy a large proportion. Therefore, perfume’s inventory level changes constantly. In order to monitor these changes over periods, the Aficionado’s Sales and Inventory System can efficiently and accurately accomplish it while provides other services to the stall such as recording daily perfume sales. 2 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Inventory is basically the total amount of goods and materials held in stock by a factory, store and other business.

This can be the perfume held in stock by a company or the produce held for sale by a store. For a business to be run efficiently it is important that they keep a record of their inventory as this keeps them informed of when they are running short of something and need to restock to ensure they can serve their customers. An inventory system is used for this purpose. An inventory system is basically a process whereby a business keeps track of the goods and material it has available. In its simplest sense it can be done manually by a count at the end of each day.

In this way it is possible to keep a record of the goods coming in to the business and goods being sold. However this is only really appropriate for small businesses that do not have a lot of stock. For larger business it is more likely that a computerized system will be required. 3 OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVES: To implement, identify and track all data processing assets in Aficionado’s Sales and Inventory System. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: * To have a convenient way of recording perfume products. * To define the process by which assets are identified and maintained in the Inventory System. To provide a full range of reports that will satisfy informational requirements. * To provide training to personnel responsible for supporting the Aficionado’s Sales and Inventory System. 4 SCOPES AND LIMITATIONS SCOPES: The scope of this system is to provide user efficient working environment and more output can be generated through this. This system provides user friendly interface resulting in knowing each and every usability features of the system. This system helps in tracking records so that past records can be verified through them and one can make decision on past records.

This system completes the work in a very less time consumption and high level efficiency. Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory System in such a way that even a naive person can operate easily. The transactions are made very quickly and the records are directly saved into databases and the databases can be maintained for a longer period of time. Also this system provides a high level security for data leaking as only the admin can access the database, no changes can be made in it until it verifies the administrator password. LIMITATIONS: * LAN based system. Standalone program. * Prone to virus. * Lower version of operating system required. * . png file is not working in browsing pictures. 5 Chapter 2: METHODOLOGY GANTT CHART | JUNE| JULY| AUGUST| SEPT| | 1st| 2nd| 3rd| 4th| 5th| 6th| 7th| 8th| 9th| 10th| 11th| 12th| 13th| 14th| PLANNING| |  | | | | | | | | | | | | | DATA GATHERING| | |  |  |  |  | | | | | | | | | SYSTEM DESIGNING| | | | | | | | |  |  |  |  |  | | CODING| | | | | | |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | | TESTING| | | | | | | | | | | |  |  |  | DOCUMENTATION| | | | | |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | | DEFENSE| | | | | | | | | | | | | |  |

In our planning phase, we think of the common business problems, and we come up with the loss of records. After defining the common problems that a company may encounter, we’ve knew that the Aficionado Germany Perfume stall in Sunshine Mall was using a manual inventory so we’ve conducted interviews to gather information. Consequently, more and more services are added to the system to provide better management. We’ve also conduct an online research for the related works. After gathering information, we’ve start coding and designing.

Some of our codes are from internet, ideas of our other classmates, and our knowledge gather in our past lessons in vb6 under Sir Valdez and Ma’am Burce. Testing phase, for us is the most revealing process. Here you’ll know if you’re codes are correct or incorrect. If an error occurred, we have our great determination to debug it even though we’ve found it boring, we’re doing our best just to run our system properly. As we start the coding of the system, we’ve also start the documentation. We’ve exert more effort because our defense day is approaching and we hope that it will be successful. Chapter 3: SYSTEM ANALYSIS PHASE DATA GATHERING PROCEDURE To gather all the necessary requirements over small intervals, we’ve conducted an interview to our desired client, the Aficionado Germany Perfume stall located at Sunshine Mall Plaza. Although conducting an interview and discussion to users is time-consuming we must have an effective way to understand business functions and rules so we’ve interviewed the sales representative to get the important information on developing the system. We asked them these following questions: * What are the business operations and processes? How should those operations be performed? * What information is needed to perform those operations? We’ve also conducted an online research for providing us information on other related works. 7 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS These are the following activities of our system capabilities: 1. Add/Edit/Delete perfume product. 2. Add/Edit/Delete employee. 3. Search employees by last name. 4. Print receipt. 5. Compute total sales for the day/week/month/year. 6. Record attendance of a employee. 7. Register new employee. 8. Order stocks to main branch. 10. Display pricelist of perfumes. 11.

Gives 10% discount if customer returns bottle and wants a refill. 12. View critical stocks of perfume. 13. View form about developers and Aficionado Germany Perfume. 14. Data report in every database. 8 EVENT TABLE EVENT| TRIGGER| SOURCE| USE CASE| RESPONSE| DESTINATION| 1. Customer inquires for perfume availability. | Item inquiry| Customer| Check perfume availability| Availability detailed| Customer| 2. Customer wants to buy a new perfume or refill perfume. | Create new order| Customer| Check perfume availability| Confirmed order| Customer| 3. Admin wants to add/edit/delete a perfume. Edit/delete itemAdd new item| Admin| Check perfume’s name, quantity, price, and type. | Add/edit/delete of perfume confirmed| Admin| 4. Admin wants to order from main office. | Update/add quantity of the product. | Admin| Check perfume’s name and quantity. | Order confirm| Admin| 5. Admin hired new employee. | Add new employee| Admin| Check employee’s information| Adding of employee confirmed| Admin| 6. Admin wants to add/edit fired employee| Updating of employee| Admin| Checking employee’s information| Updating of employee confirmed| Admin| 7. Admin wants to check the attendance of an employee. Checking the attendance| Admin | Encoding time in/time out| Encoding employees attendance confirmed| Admin| This table shows the activities of the admin and customer. 9 ACTIVITY DIAGRAM Explanation of Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory Activity Diagram: An activity diagram described as a workflow of a system. Diagram 1 shows the activities done by the system, the Sales Representative for customers, the Sales Representative for technical whom we called the Admin of the system, and the customer who purchased perfumes. The both Sales Representative must fix first the products preparing for the opening of the stall.

When they’re done, they’ll work now in their perspective role. The Sales Representative for technical or the Admin will login (enter username and password), if the username or password is incorrect he/she re-type the username and password and if it’s correct the Admin check for the attendance. The system enables the user to enter the employee’s name, record its time-in, and indentify its status if he/she is present, late or absent. After checking the attendance, the Admin waits for transaction while the other Sales Representative entertains customer.

Customers have a free spray for the scent of the perfume, if the customer wants to buy the perfume he/she desired, he/she must identify the perfume number, size, class, and quantity and ask for its availability to the Sales Representative (customer) and then Sales Representative tell the perfume number, size, class, and quantity to the Admin and the Admin checks the availability of the perfume in the system. The system looks in the database and price list, if the perfume is in critical stock, the Admin must order to the main branch so that the database will be updated.

If the perfume is not in critical stocks, the Admin inform the Sales Representative and the Sales Representative gives the information about the availability and its price. The Customer will pay for the corresponding price of the perfume to the Sales Representative and the Admin inputs the cash value in the system and computes the change. The database will be updated and display the receipt with corresponding information of the customer and perfume. If the customers want another transaction, he/she will go to the Free spray for Scent process and if it’s not the activity will terminate.

If the customer wants to refill, he/she must return his/her previous bottle so that he/she will get a 10% discount to the original price of the perfume. At the closing time of the stall, the Sales representative for the customers will fix the products and the Admin will look for the inventory to compute the total sales daily/weekly/monthly/annually. After doing that activity of an Admin, he/she will now check the attendance and record the time-out of the employee. 10 11 12 13 DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Explanation of Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory Data Flow Diagram:

Diagram 2, DFD is used for the visualization of the data processing. Data items flow from an external data source or an internal data store to an internal data store or an external data sink, via an internal process. In our Context Diagram, it shows the interaction between the Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory system and external agents (Sales Representative, Technical Representative or the Admin, Customer) which act as data sources. The Sales Representative gives information to be inputted to the system. The Admin manages data in the system like attendance, stocks, inventory and sales of the perfume.

The Customer inquire an item availability and the system triggers the item availability information. In Level 0, it shows the interaction between the system and the system environment. Technical Representative is the external agent, he/she has many process to do. First is the ACCOUNT process it is about logging in as the Admin, the system look up the data at D1 EMPLOYEE and triggers the login information. After verifying the account, there are three process that will undergo by the Technical representative: the EMPLOYEES process, CUSTOMERS process and EMPLOYEE’S ATT. rocess. At EMPLOYEES process, the system enables the Admin to Add, Edit, Delete, and Search Records of the employee’s information that stores in D1 EMPLOYEE. At EMPLOYEE’S ATT. process, the Technical Representative records the attendance of the employee, he/she encode the time-in and time-out and it stores at D2 ATTENDANCE. At CUSTOMERS process, the Technical Representative can add, Edit, Delete, and Search records of the customers that are stored in D3 CUSTOMERS_INFO. Another external agent is the Customer, he/she will undergo to the ORDER process.

If the customer wants to order, he/she ask for the item availability. The stocks are stored in D9 STOCKS and STOCKS REPORT process enables the Admin to Add, Edit, Delete, and Search item that is also stored in D9 STOCKS. The customer’s information are stored in D4 ORDER_INFO that and PRINT RECEIPT, it can also compute T_SALES DAILY, T_SALES WEEKLY, T_SALES MONTHLY, and T_SALES ANNUALLY. 14 CONTEXT DIAGRAM Manage data Item inquiry Information Item availability CUSTOMERS SALES REPRESENTATIVE AFCIONADO GERMANY PERFUME SYSTEM TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE 15 16 Chapter 4:

SYSTEM DESIGN PHASE SYSTEM FLOWCHART Explanation of Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory System Flowchart: System flowchart shows the key inputs and outputs associated with the program. It is well-established method of showing inputs to a particular part of the system, what actions are taken to process the data, and what moves out of this part to somewhere else. They also make clear the broad flow of the operations in a system and the hardware and media that are involved in these operations, things that are never considered in logical data flow diagrams.

The Admin will manually input the username and password. The database check for verification, if the password or username is incorrect the Admin will re-type the username and password and if it’s correct the data flow proceed to the Sales Representative that will entertain the customers. The customer will try the free spray for scent and if he/she wants to buy the perfume the customers ask for its availability. Customer must determine perfume number, class, size, and quantity.

The database checks for its availability, if the perfume is available the Admin will input the customer’s information and pay, the sales representative will get the money and the system will now compute, the database will be updated and will show a report after computing the sales representative will give the change and the perfume. When the perfume is not available, customer will undergo to a condition. If the customer wants to try another perfume he/she will try the free spray process and if it’s not the transaction will be terminated. 17 18 STRUCTURE CHART Structure chart shows the breakdown of the configuration Aficionado Germany

Perfume Sales and Inventory system to the lowest manageable levels. This chart is used to arrange the program modules in a tree structure. Each module is represented by a box, which contains the module’s name. The tree structure visualizes the relationships between the modules. The Structure Chart illustrates the structure of the modules to process a customer order, attendance of employees, add/edit/delete/search stocks, order from main branch, add/edit/delete/search employee, computing foe total sales daily/weekly/monthly/annually, and add/edit/delete/search products. 9 20 DATABASE DESIGN The term database design can be used to describe many different parts of the design of an overall database system. Principally, and most correctly, it can be thought of as the logical design of the base data structures used to store the data. It shows that: one PRODUCT ID can have zer0/one/many customer (SCUST), zero/one/many PRODUCT NAME can have one price (SPRICE), one order id (O ID) can have zero/one/many QUANTITY, one perfume type (TYPE) can have one PRODUCT ID, one employee can have one attendance. 21 USER INTERFACE DESIGN

LOGIN FORM MAIN MENU FORM 22 UPDATE PRODUCT FORM UPDATE TYPE FORM 23 SELL PRODUCT FORM EMPLOYEE’S FILE FORM 24 EMPLOYEE’S ATTENDANCE FORM PERFUME LIST FORM 25 ORDER FROM MAIN OFFICE FORM CRITICAL STOCK FORM 26 SALES REPORT ABOUT 27 SAMPLE DATA REPORT HELP 28 HELP CONTENT 29 Chapter 5: SYSTEM TESTING We have three types in our system testing: first is the Function testing, in this type, we’ve test all forms if they’re working properly. If the output corresponds to the inputted data, for example, in computing the amount due of a transaction.

Our next type of testing is the security testing. This type of testing must be reliable enough to protect the records, so the login form password character is ;space; rather than an asterisk, number sign, or any special symbols. The last but not the least type of testing is the User. User must know how to operate the system so we provide a Help menu and we’ve also conducted an Evaluation to the Sales Representative of Aficionado Germany Perfume. 30 Technological University of the Philippines Taguig Campus Km. 14 East Service Road South Superhigway Taguig City

EVALUATION FORM Please evaluate our Sales and Inventory System, by using the given scale below, by shading the oval shape under corresponding numerical rating. NUMERICAL RATING| EQUIVALENT| 5| Excellent| 4| Very Good| 3| Good| 2| Fair| 1| Poor| CRITERIA12345 1. User friendly 2. Easy to use 3. Comfortable and convenience 4. Accuracy 5. Color used in enhancing the system 6. Images used in enhancing the system 7. Font used in enhancing the system 8. Security reliability COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS: ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ____________________________ ______________________________________ DateSignature over printed name 31 Chapter 6: SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS HARDWARE: * Pentium 4 and above. * Operating System (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2007). * 80GB or higher capacity of hard disk. * Pentium 4 motherboard. * 256 up Mb memory. * Keyboard * Mouse SOFTWARE: * Microsoft Visual Studio 6. 0 * The application used to create Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory system. * Microsoft Access 2007 * The application used to store the database of the system. * Paint * The application used to edit some pictures. NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS * User can access the system 24/7. The system/records/database can access only if Administrator’s password is verified. * The system will be developed by Microsoft Visual Studio 6. 0 and Microsoft Access 2007 will served as database storage. 32 Chapter 7: DISCUSSION OF RESULT The following information is the result of our evaluation: Comments: “It is comfortable to do my job and easy to use. ” “Accurate for my work and I approved it! ” As we evaluate our client, we’ve come up with the over-all rating of “4” that is equivalent to Very Good. 33 Chapter 8: SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION SUMMARY

Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory is a proposed system used to replace the manual inventorying and recording stocks of products in a stall of Aficionado in a mall. This system is intended for the technical representative or the so-called Administrator of Aficionado that make his/her job easily and more convenient. This system helps the user in many ways like: storing and managing records and stocks, fast and accurate computing of total sales daily/weekly/monthly/annually, security reliability and convenient way of processing transaction that will save time and effort of the owner.

RECOMMENDATIONS While developing the system, a conscious effort has been made to create and develop a software package, making use of available tools, techniques, and resources that would generate a proper system. There should be a lot more features that can add to the Aficionado Sales and Inventory System. One of them is networking which allow several other computers to access database simultaneously without interrupting each other. Furthermore, the sales report can be exported to excel file which can be saved independently.

When users generate sales report, they have choices of either printing out directly or export to generate extra excel file that can be viewed using MS Excel. Nevertheless, Aficionado Germany Perfume Sales and Inventory System is just the beginning of inventory management system. 36 Chapter 9: BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www. sourcecodester. com/ http://www. google. com. ph/ http://dev. mysql. com/tech-resources/articles/vb-cursors-and-locks. html BOUTIQUE SHOP SYSTEM By: Cheryl Mae Doronilla and Kareen Emmanuel 37


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