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One More Chance

ONE MORE CHANCE Its another Morning I have to go to office I Saw Today’s Newspaper Ohh!!! This is ME… I shouted having a glance on my snap in today’s newspaper What the hell it is doing in the Death Column? One Sec… Let me Think! When I was going to bed, Last Night I have severe Pain in My Chest I was taken to Hospital But I think I had Sound Sleep There.. Its 10AM Now… Where is My Coffee? I will be late for office My Boss will get a chance to irritate me But.. Where is Everyone? I Think There is a Crowd outside my Room. But Why Some of them Crying

I looked inside the Room I Was lying on the Floor I Was Shocked I Shouted Nobody was Looking at me They were watching my body Lying on the floor Am I DEAD? I asked myself Where is my Wife, My Children, My Friends? She Was Crying I Saw my Wife in Next Room She was Looking Very SAD My little kid was also crying because her Mom was SAD How Can I Go Without Saying My Wife that She was the most Beautiful and Caring Wife in this World. How Can I Go Without Saying My Kid that I Really Love Them I Really do Care For them! How Can I Go Without Saying My Friends that

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Without them perhaps, I have done Most of the Wrong things in My Life Oh! The Guy there was used to be my Best Friend Small Misunderstanding made us apart I Just want to say him SORRY It seems no one is able to see me Am I Really DEAD? I asked myself I sat Down Near ME. I was also feeling like Crying I prayed.. W MORE DAYS JUST GIVE ME FE I Want to make my Wife, My Kids, My Friends Realize that How much I LOVE THEM! I Saw My Wife entered the Room I Wanted to Tell her that… Ohh God I Screamed A Little More Time PLEASEEEEEEEEE! One More Chance to Hug My Child

One More Chance To Thank My Wife for Still Being There in my life I Shouted.. God, One More Chance Please… ut e ho u S .. “Yo d… have a i Sa y o u Did “ nS di p” M lee ife yW re? ” ma ght Ni Oh! Thank God, It was Just a DREAM. I was Sleeping I hugged her and whispered.. “You are the Most Beautiful and Caring Wife in this Universe, I really Love You”. I Prayed.. Thank you God For This Second Chance Its not too late for all of you who are reading this.. Forget your EGO Forget your PAST Express Your Love to Others.. Be Friendly Smile Always!!


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