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“You can’t be afraid of stepping on toes if you want to go dancing.”
When you want to present a wonderful dance, you may practice hundreds or thousands of times. That’s a painful experience to the toes, but you have to tolerate it or you could never learn.
Writing is the same. We need to write compositions while we are learning writing. When we write, we think about how to present our ideas, how to organize materials, how to spell words, and how to use grammar and punctuations. We need a lot of practice. When we practice, we make mistakes, but usually we don’t know where the mistakes are. We need someone else to let us know, sometimes we know how to correct it but sometimes we don’t, whether we know it or not, we need to correct it, and then we think about it before we work it out. That’s not easy work for beginner. The only way to learn to write is practicing! We can’t be afraid of writing essays if we want to go writing.
Only practicing is not enough. Like our teacher Blenis said: some students study hard, they do everything, they attend every class, they do every homework, they go to every tutoring, but they still fail to pass. That doesn’t mean they are bad students, just because they haven’t learned. So if we really want to learn how to write, we need to think when we practice, and we also need to do something else besides writing. We need to read. When we read, we need to pay attention to the article’s organization, and the words that the author uses. We need to broaden our eyes, open our ideas, and we need to accumulate good words and sentences.
We Chinese also have a famous quotation, “Better spinning than desiring the fish near the pool.” I would like to remind myself with these quotations to inspire myself when learning writing.


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