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Increasing Health Problems Facing Older People (40-75) Years in Innsbruck, Austria.

Running Head: INCREASING HEALTH PROBLEMS FACING OLDER PEOPLE (40- 75) YEARS IN INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA NAME: INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATIONS Topic: Increasing health problems facing older people (40- 75) years in Innsbruck, Austria Austria is a developing country in Europe, an area which has increasing number of ageing people (aged 40-75) facing serious health problems (most frequently is asthma). The most wide, cheapest and simply used mean to correct these problems are by undertaking frequent chest x-rays but they are not always recommended for the patients for various reasons (Bennett, 2005).

This problem can reduce elderly population, working performance, and quality of people life (Bulletin of World Health Organization 2008). Radenthein has a higher rate of older people than the rest of Austria. Thus, projects for older people are very valuable in this region. Project activities were carried out in a building dedicated to seniors, belonging to a well-known organization on older people‘s issues and well accepted by older people themselves. The building was located in the town center of Radenthein – the “center of life” for people in this region (Bennett, 2005).

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An effective health promotion programme for older people is multi-faceted (see holistic approach) to the extent that the needs of this target group are complex, inter-related and multidimensional. Professionals working together can combine their ideas towards developing highly innovative, theoretically grounded and tailored projects (Henderson, 2008). Furthermore, where accessing isolated and vulnerable groups it is especially important for the success of a project to involve a range of professionals, as they will have a greater number of opportunities to have contact with, and refer, “at-risk” individuals (Bennett, 2005).

Target Group Elderly people aged (40- 75) years in Innsbruck city, Austria References Henderson, C. , (2008), Thorneycroft, G. & Glover, G. : Inequalities in mental health. Br. J. Psychiatry. Bennett D. Feature article. (2005), Bulletin of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. ———————– INCREASING HEALTH PROBLEMS FACING OLDER PEOPLE (40- 75) YEARS IN INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA 1


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