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Health club

I will then evaluate my results and then write up a conclusion. Prediction My prediction is that everyone in my group will have a higher heart rate and breathing rate after they do exercise and possibly after walking their heart and breathing rate may increase slightly. There a lot of factors to take into consideration when completing this experiment, this being is anyone on medication or have a illness, the temperature of the room, have we eaten, body size, emotions, body position and fitness level of each of us.

A normal resting heart rate for an adult ranges from 60 to 1 00 beats per minute, if meson’s heart rate is above 1 00 or below 60 this could indicate a problem and they should possibly see a doctor. To measure heart rate you have to locate your pulse on your body which can be found on your wrist or on your neck. When this has been located we each will count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply this by 4 to get our heart rate. We are all going to make sure we are relaxed to ensure it is as accurate as can be.

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I predict when we exercise (jumping for 1 minute) this will increase our heart rate by causing load to pump faster and our body needing a higher intake of oxygen which makes our heart beat faster so it can send oxygen to cells within the body. Walking should have little impact on either heart rate or breathing rate but this could depend again on room temperature, medication, the person’s fitness etc. To take someone’s breathing rate you count how many breaths they take in a 15 second period then multiply this number by 4 to get the breaths per minute. An average adult should take between 12-20 breaths per minute resting.

Our experiment will involve 3 adult females aged between 3-32, all non smokers and relatively fit and healthy. We will need to plan this experiment carefully ensuring each person knows their role and what they are doing e. G. Someone doing the stop watch and someone taking the pulse. Equipment needed for experiment For this experiment to take place and be effective we will need 3 people to ensure that when measuring the results they are fair and accurate and that we have each others to compare to. We will also need a room at an appropriate temperature approximately 21 degrees, we will need a stop watch, paper and a pen.

The experiment The first exercise we did was we each took our resting heart rate and recorded these details, we took this 3 times and then averaged our finding to get an accurate result. We then each took it in turn to jump for 1 minute with our group member timing the activity and once the minute was up the other group member counting the heart rate per minute. This was repeated for each person then the same for the walking exercise. This exercise was repeated for the breaths per minute with resting, jumping and walking.

We then recorded our results in a table (see attached) and then put the preference of the resting heart rate and from the jumping exercise into a bar chart to compare the differences of the 3 people in my group. Rest Its Our results for the heart rate exercise show that we all have an average resting heart rate per minute which is good and shows we are relatively healthy. In the jumping exercise out of the 3 of us Laura had the least increase in the minute of jumping (increase of 0. 9 beats per minute) which shows that she is extremely fit and healthy, Laura shared that she is a keen boxer.

Stephanie and myself had quite a big increase of between 50-60. This could indicate that Stephanie and myself possibly when exercising need to start off at a lower aerobic level, both of us shared that we do not exercise at all. As Laura had 0. 9 heart beats per minute difference she took the exercise again for 3 minutes to see if we could get a better and more accurate result to her fitness level. On completing this exercise of jumping for 3 minutes Laura had an increase of 12. 9 heart beats per minute more than her resting which again shows how physically fit she is.


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