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Health Article Analysis

HLT 110-2H
Professor Courtney Dowell
Ian Lucas

Asare, Matthew. “Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Determine the Condom Use Behavior among College Students.” (n.d.): n. pag. Web. 1 Mar. 2015.

Randolph, Mary E., Hector Torres, Cheryl Gore-Felton, Bronwyn Lloyd, and Elizabeth L. Mcgarvey. “Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Behavior among College Students: Understanding Gender and Ethnic Differences.” The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 35.2 (2009): 80-84. Web.

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“Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Determine the Condom Use Behavior Among College Students” is an article from the “American Journal of Health Studies” written by Dr. Matthew Asare, who introduces the many STIs that college students have to face such as, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). According to this article students the ages of 20-24 are more at risk of being diagnosed with an STI than any other age group. American College Health Association did a study in 2012 revealing that 9% of college students ranging from the ages of 20-24 have had more than one sexual partner in the past year. It also goes on to state that students with an active sex life are more likely to be vulnerable to STIs than someone that is abstinent (which is 100% effective according to the article). The Theory of Planned Behavior basically explains the way science and sexual behavior go hand in hand. It claims that so called “perceived behavioral control” can guess the outcome of whether or not students having sexual activities will use a condom. It claims to predict all the different actions with condom usage as well as to advertise the need for better condom use among the young adults. In its conclusion this article states that overall, students feeling overconfident is the main reason for their refusal to use condoms properly or ever.

Things that stood out to me and reminded me what we have learned in class was that 19 million are affected by STIs in the United States every year, and people under the age of 25 account to nearly half of those people affected. In class we go over the ABC’s of safer sex (A is for Abstain, B is for Be Faithful, and C is for Condoms) and the article basically gives us the same rundown to avoid a chance of infection from an STI. We are also told in the article that we face dangers from other STIs in our college youth, such as Hepatitis (an STI virus that causes inflammation of the liver), HPV or better known as genital warts, Herpes, HIV (a type of virus that can cause a bunch of health problems, and can lead to AIDS if not treated) etc, and the best way for us to avoid these dangers is to follow the ABC’s of safer sex.
“Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Behavior among College Students: Understanding Gender and Ethnic Differences” is another article but from the “American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse” written by Mary E. Randolph and Hector Torres from the Medical College of Wisconsin, Cheryl Gore-Felton from the Stanford University School of Medicine, and Bronwyn Lloyd and Elizabeth L. McGarvey from the University of Virginia. According to their study younger men were at greater risk of contracting HIV which is the same thing that was said from the “Theory of Planned Behavior” article stated before hand and what we went over in class. The purpose of the study that was conducted was to jump into the role of genders and ethnicity in a relationship with alcohol use and risky sexual behavior by asking 425 sexually active college students (265 women, 160 men) if they part take in alcohol use, and thus they came to the conclusion that one-third out of 425 voluntary participants binge drink multiple times over the past two weeks. So what they are basically trying to say is that college students that are sexual active are more than likely to binge drink on a weekly basis, and they also found out that males have a higher sexual behavior than females.
Things that really stood out to me in this article is that men generally are reported to have more active sex


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