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Genetics Research Paper

Use the Library Catalog-Keyword searching to find one book on the topic you have chosen. When creating your keyword search Statement use the Boolean operator AND once; use the Boolean operator OR at least once; use parenthesis once; use the truncation symbol * at least once. If you have a phrase, keep the words together with ” ” 1. What did you type into the Library Catalog for your search statement? Market* and business and (mobile or cellular) 2. What is the title of one book that you found?

Content is currency [electronic resource] : developing powerful content for web and mobile 3. What is one subject heading (subjects) for the book that you found in question #2? Electronic Commerce 4. (5 points) How many other books are there on the subject you found in question #3? 192 Library Catalog Title and Author Searching 5. What is the subject heading (subjects) for the following book? Roach, Mary. Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. New York: Norton & Co. , 2003. | Hu man experimentation in med icine. I I Dead. I Human dissection. 6.

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When searching for a book titled: The Way West: True Stories of the American West edited by James A. Crutchfield what should be the first word that you type into the Library Catalog title search box? Way West 7. A book by Paul Farmer (a doctor, who was born in 1959) is titled: Haiti after the earthquake 8. A book about Paul Farmer (the same doctor as in question #7) is titled: Mountains beyond mountains 9. How can you limit a Library Catalog Keyn. word Search to search for titles only? Yes 10. Can you find magazine articles in the library Catalog?


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