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Feminism Controversy

Feminism in Media
During the early times, women were underprivileged in their social, economic and political status. They were looked upon as an accessory for men and were always confined to the domestic domain. This situation gave birth to the idea of feminism. What is feminism? It is the belief in the importance of gender equality and the idea of having right, to be equal to a man. In this essay, we will examine three essays about feminism in the media which discuss the rights of women and the equality of genders. Each essay has a different perspective on the issue of women being equal to men. In this essay, we will compare the differences among the perspectives and determine which perspective is most effective.
The first essay that we will discuss is “Malala, the Muslim Feminist” by Rafia Zakaria. Zakaria is a columnist for DAWN, Pakistan’s largest English newspaper and one of the few feminist columnists in Pakistan. Zakaria`s perspective is to prove that gender equality in education is global, and the demand for equality does not belong to any one culture or faith. The next essay that we will examine is “Angelina Jolie`s Life-Saving Decision Creates Harsh Critism” by Sandra Sanchez. Sandra is a political science and women `s studies student at the University of Mary Washington. She is also “The Individualist Feminist,” where she brings the flavors of feminism. Her perspective in this essay was to prove gender equality in health issues. The last article that we will examine is “Miley Circus` Contribution to Feminism” by Christian Piatt. Piatt is an author, editor and speaker, and spoken word artist who provides a strong opinionated perspective. He says, “Rather than men in power resisting the progress of women being the greatest current barrier to parity, it now is the unpleasant reality that sexualizing young women works for innumerable purposes in our world” (Piatt par.8).
The first article, “Malala, the Muslim Feminist” by Rafia Zakaria is about…


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