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Ethics and the Epa

The environmental protection agency also known as the EPA is a government agency that is in charge of protecting the environment by putting in place laws and policies that have been passed by congress. The EPA dates back to the 1970’s of which when it was established by former president Nixon mainly due to the concern of CO2 that was emitted from our automobiles. However since the 1970’s the EPA has undergone many changes to help keep up with the changing environmental needs and the phenomenon of global warming. Not only has the environment changed and the EPA, but the administrations have changed as well. The administration changes have had an impact on the EPA since the 1970’s it has become more strict on how America has to control its pollutants to protect the planet. Let’s take a look at how the EPA has evolved due to the changes in government.
Our current administrations outlook of the EPA has become more strict on pollution in our water, air, and environment as compared to former administrations. However basic principals have remained the same; such as;
* To lead the world towards safer and secure energy.
* Secure America’s energy supply.
* America’s independence from oil.
* Growing toward cleaner sources of energy.
However the planet is becoming more crowded therefore changes need to be made to keep up with growth, and the global warming issues. They have a much more aggressive attitude towards cleaner energy than let’s say Richards Nixon’s administration did. For example the Obama administration is funding more and more alternative fuel projects than former administrations have thus creating more and more EPA rules to comply with these changes. The use of alternative fuel is the future according to our current administration and fossil fuels are a thing of the past. I’m sure that some former presidents would think that this is only a fantasy because the economy depended on the use of fossil fuels to survive, not the power…


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