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E-Commerce Lecture Notes

Home work: Bring back this info #1 Photo Name Student ID E-mail Phone # Major Work experience Hobbies Goals #2 Find website to analyze BMO? Rogers? Golf course? * March 4 1983 Boston Computer Exchange Brick and mortar Virtual organization Bick and click EC Framework, Classification and content B2B B2C B2B2C Revenue Model Transaction model Sales Advertising Subscription Affiliate fees To do: Benefits of EC Organization Consumers Society Facilitating problem solving * Chap 1 11-13,20-29 Chap 2 67,68,70,71,77 Chap 3 106-109,114-117 Chap 4 143-145,153-162

Chap 5 180,181,184-187,189-192,197-201,203-205 Chap 6 234-242,244-246 * e- government e-government E- commerce model in which a government entity buys or provides goods, services, or information from or to businesses or individual citizens. social computing An approach aimed at making the human– computer interface more natural. generate and control content and Web 2. 0 The second generation of Internet- based services that lets people collaborate and share information online in new ways, such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies. igital enterprise A new business model that uses IT in a fundamental way to accomplish one or more of three basic objectives: reach and engage customers more effectively, boost employee productivity, and improve operating efficiency. It uses converged communication and computing technology in a way that improves business processes. corporate portal A major gateway through which employees, business partners, and the public can enter a corporate Web site. business model A method of doing business by which a company can generate revenue to sustain itself. ynamic pricing Prices that change based on supply and demand relationships at any given time. forward auction An auction in which a seller entertains bids from buyers. Bidders increase price sequentially. reverse auction ( bidding or tendering system) Auction in which the buyer places an item for bid ( tender) on a request for quote ( RFQ) system, potential suppliers bid on the job, with the price reducing sequentially, and the lowest bid wins; primarily a B2B or G2B mechanism. ame- your- own- price model Auction model in which a would- be buyer specifies the price ( and other terms) he or she is willing to pay to any willing and able seller. It is a C2B model that was pioneered by Priceline. com. double auction An auction in which multiple buyers and their bidding prices are matched with multiple sellers and their asking prices, considering the quantities on both sides. bartering The exchange of goods and services. e- bartering ( electronic bartering) Bartering conducted online, usually in a bartering exchange. bartering exchange A marketplace in which an intermediary arranges barter transactions. vatars Animated computer characters that exhibit humanlike movements and behaviors. electronic ( online) banking or e- banking Various banking activities conducted from home or the road using an Internet connection; also known as cyberbanking, virtual banking, online banking, and home banking. e- grocer A grocer that takes orders online and provides deliveries on a daily or other regular schedule or within a very short period of time. on- demand delivery service Express delivery made fairly quickly after an online order is received. spyware Software that gathers user information over an Internet connection without the user’s knowledge. lickstream data Data that occur inside the Web environment; they provide a trail of the user’s activities ( the user’s clickstream behavior) in the Web site. Web mining The use of data mining techniques for discovering and extracting information from Web documents and Web usage. collaborative filtering A market research and personalization method that uses customer data to predict, based on formulas derived from behavioral sciences, what other products or services a customer may enjoy; predictions can be extended to other customers with similar profiles. iometrics An individual’s unique physical or behavioral characteristics that can be used to identify an individual precisely ( e. g. , fingerprints). interactive marketing Online marketing, facilitated by the Internet, by which marketers and advertisers can interact directly with customers, and consumers can interact with advertisers/ vendors. Web video analytics A way of measuring what viewers do when they watch an online video. affiliate marketing A marketing arrangement by which an organization refers consumers to the selling company’s Web site.

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Webcasting A free Internet news service that broadcasts personalized news and information, including seminars, in categories selected by the user. spamming Using e- mail to send unwanted ads ( sometimes floods of ads). permission advertising ( permission marketing) Advertising ( marketing) strategy in which customers agree to accept advertising and marketing materials ( known as “ opt- in”). procurement management The planning, organizing, and coordinating of all the activities related to purchasing goods and services needed to accomplish the organization’s mission. averick buying Unplanned purchases of items needed quickly, often at non- prenegotiated higher prices. e- procurement The electronic acquisition of goods and services for organizations. request for quote ( RFQ) The “ invitation” to participate in a tendering ( bidding) system. internal procurement marketplace The aggregated catalogs of all approved suppliers combined into a single internal electronic catalog. group purchasing The aggregation of orders from several buyers into volume purchases so that better prices can be negotiated. esktop purchasing Direct purchasing from internal marketplaces without the approval of supervisors and without the intervention of a procurement department. bartering exchange An intermediary that links parties in a barter; a company submits its surplus to the exchange and receives points of credit, which can be used to buy the items that the company needs from other exchange participants. B2B portals Information portals for businesses. vortals B2B portals that focus on a single industry or industry segment; “ vertical portals. ” onsortium trading exchange ( CTE) An exchange formed and operated by a group of major companies in an industry to provide industry- wide transaction services. knowledge management ( KM) The process of capturing or creating knowledge, storing it, updating it constantly, disseminating it, and using it whenever necessary. expert location systems ( ELS) Interactive computerized systems that help employees find and connect with colleagues who have expertise required for specific problems— whether they are across the country or across the room— in order to solve specific, critical business problems in seconds. ollaborative commerce ( c- commerce) The use of digital technologies that enable companies to collaboratively plan, design, develop, manage, and research products, services, and innovative EC applications. collaboration hub The central point of control for an e- market. A single c- hub, representing one e- market owner, can host multiple collaboration spaces ( c- spaces) in which trading partners use c- enablers to exchange data with the c- hub.


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