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Drake: Best Rapper

Drake: The best rapper
Rap started out as spoken word and put much emphasis on lyrics. It was practically poetry, the way rappers like Slick Rick and Biz Markie told stories relatable to the masses through their songs. As time went on, rap drifted away from putting emphasis on lyrics to putting emphasis on beats, material items, and catchy hooks. Drake brought that relatableness and lyrical emphasis back. For that, he can easily be dubbed the best rapper, singer, songwriter.
Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, hails from Toronto, Canada. He made his big debut back in 2009, with the hit single, “Best I Ever Had”. In July of 2009, he had two songs on the Billboard 100. He clearly had that “it” factor. Drake was the source of what Billboard described, as the “biggest record label bidding war ever”. Labels like Universal Motown, Cash Money Records, and Warner Music group were all scrambling to sign this talented new budding artist. He ultimately signed with cash money records, where he best fit in at.
Being signed to Cash Money records, he was surrounded by other major talent and budding new stars like Nicki Minaj. This atmosphere allowed him to innovate and elevate his career. Rappers tend to have a certain “style”or niche that they excel in and they stick to it. Drake is an ‘evolver’. He creates music that is so versatile, that it does not fit into a “box” or a certain type of style. He can switch from slow melodic ballads over to rapping over hard beats. His new take on rap and merging it with rythm and blues singing evidently appealed to masses, and his sophmore album, Take Care, took home a Grammy award for best rap album. He won over Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, The Roots, and not to mention new “hot” new rappers like Kendrick Lamar did not even make the nominee list. Drake’s junior album , Nothing Was The Same, is Grammy nominated this year for best rap album again.
Drake’s Nothing Was The Same album is an exciting new album hat shifts flow and…


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