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Dbq on Slavery

The scope and attitude of people toward the institution of slavery in the world from the beginning civilization to the dawn of modern times were various views. Some of the views came from people who accepted it and some came from great sources that did not accept it. But there were even some that did not have an opinion about slavery. The source’s views came from as far back as 1 BCE and as recent as 1519.
Some of the sources did not accept slavery. They thought very similar to the citizens of America today. Since citizens can’t own slaves in the United States. The Judgments of Hammurabi, written in 1792-1750 BCE, states that if the man has a debt, and has given his wife, his son, his daughter for silver or labor. Three years they may serve under their purchaser. In four years, they may go back to their original ways. So those being able to return to normal is allowing them to not be a slave any longer. Which would be considered as being against slavery. The Saint Paul letter, written in 1 BCE, in the Christian Bible states, slaves should obey their master with no fear. Master were asked to stop threatening their slaves. Because in the end they both would be judged by God. In the letters home, written in 1519, it says he was astounded by the number of slaves at the marketplace being for sell. That could either mean he was astounded that the number was so low. Have to assume he’s surprised about how many it is. So he would be against slavery if he was shocked.
The unfair practices coming from these several documents take place as early as the first century. In the letter from an Italian merchant, written in 1375, it states that one of the Italian laws is one had power to have, sell, keep exchange, enjoy, rent or unrent their slaves forever. They are with slavery since there is a law saying keeping and doing whatever to their slave forever is okay. The laws of Manu, written between the first century BCE and the second century BCE in India, a wife, a son, and a…


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