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Counseling Evaluation

Date: March 29, 2004
Client: George Asakura (Joe) DOB: November 15
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Marital Status: Single
Place of Examination: ISO Health CenterPresenting Problem:Joe is a 19-year-old heterosexual Caucasian male referred by Dr. Kozaburo Nambu of the International Science Organization. Joe reports dizziness, blinding headaches, and strong reactions to bright lights. He also states that he has recently remembered parts of his childhood that he “had totally forgotten.” These memories were also preceded by reactions to flashes of light. His current symptoms are often juxtaposed by stressful situations, such as having to fight, or being in a situation in which the team is relying upon him.
Joe describes himself as “someone who likes to be left alone,” who would “rather do something than stand around discussing options,” and who has at times been censured for his temper and behavior, including recently “taking off when Dr. Nambu told me he wanted me to talk to a head-shrinker.” He noted that he was speaking with the interviewer under duress, and had agreed to do so to keep from being removed from the Gatchaman team.
Behavioral ObservationsJoe arrived for his intake appointment several minutes late. He was appropriately dressed but initially reticent with the interviewer. His affect [2] was slightly depressed, bordering at times on sullen.
Family HistoryJoe states that his parents were killed when he was a child; this information is confirmed by Dr. Nambu. The client found his parents’ bodies, and was confronted with “the bitch that murdered them.” He reports that he experienced feelings of horror and rage and, in spite of significant reported derealization [3], he attempted to shoot the assassin, but instead was caught in the explosion caused by her rose grenade. Though Joe is able to recount what happened to him after the explosion (being taken to the hospital, going to stay with Nambu), he says these are repetitions of what he…


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