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Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has strived and accomplished sustainability as being one the most successful leaders of the beverage industry today. Created centuries ago in 1886 by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton, Coca-Cola was sampled by customers who all agreed that this drink was something special (heritage. coca-cola. com). According to the coca-cola company. com, Coca-Cola has over 500 beverage brands-including four of the world’s top-five sparkling brands. However, because of various factors, Coca-Cola searched for alternatives centered on non-carbonated beverages.

This paper will first review what factors have contributed to the change in consumers’ demand to more alternatives beverages. Next, it will explore what types of alternative beverages appear to be most appropriate for the company to focus on and why. Finally it will evaluate what role the federal government has played in the shift to alternative beverages. Throughout its enduring reign as an industry leader, Coca-Cola has acquired a sufficient amount of its revenue from CSD sales. According to Dr.

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Harber (2010), “ New federal nutrition guidelines, issued in 2005, identified regular CSDs as the largest source of obesity-causing sugars in the American diet”. Schools in New York City, throughout California, and elsewhere banned the sales of soft drinks on their premises(Dr. Harber, 2010). This was a tremendous issue that threatened the success of future sales of soft drinks all over the region. The United States obesity rate has continued to rise over the years and more people are now becoming involved in trying to eat and drink healthier.

Companies such as McDonalds and Wendys have observed this fact and now offer several healthy items on their menu. Furthermore, the widespread linkage of CSDs with obesity and other health-related concerns was hard to disperse from people’s minds (Dr. Harber, 2010). Coca-Cola knew something had to be done, which led to the search for alternative beverages. Reference Page http://heritage. coca-cola. com/ http://www. thecoca-colacompany. com/ourcompany/leadership. html


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