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Business Ethic

Part A
It is true that in the developing countries such as China, Brazil, and Mexico, there are very strict regulatory guidelines for which can sell, import and distribute pharmaceutical drugs and many other products. In fact, the government should seek to balance issues: the ease of doing business which regards a minimalist approach to regulation. Actually, this is pretty efficient methods for reaching the purpose of market regulating and monitoring. On the other hand, have to say the corruption and bribery in developing countries is a big issue. Usually, it is the indirect provision of illegal compensation to any employee of a government body. Therefore, according to the context from chapter 2, business ethics are an integral part of responsible business conduct. It describes an organization’s commitment to a set of commonly understood core values and principles, which provide a basis of business decisions and conduct. According to the survey, it also explore that the importance of morality development which different people in a similar situation would give different feedback. People alter their behaviour to accede to the demands of an authority figure. It is said one of the biggest challenges facing most mangers is their ability to see problems clearly. The tendency toward tunnel vision emanates from several sources. One important organ is the kind of mental models we carry round. Another source is peer pressure could also influence the ethic codes towards to the attitudes and the way of think of doing business. Therefore, like what mentioned in the context, the challenge of managing a responsible organization, especially in an ear of corporate crisis when so many companies have found this goal elusive.
Part B
1. Q.T. Wiles was born on a farm in Nebraska. The methodology he creates is very useful to prevent the company from approach the misconducts. His thirteen disciplines provide the platform for both employee and employer to communicate to…


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