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Bio centric Ethics Analysis Inherent Value

Bio centric Ethics Analysis
Inherent Value SCI/362
July 22, 2013

Bio centric Ethics Analysis of Inherent Values
Ethics developed and evolved from the nature of humans’ creative dialect, creating a commonly acceptable and understood body of laws in which all of society is expected to adhere. In this paper I will discuss inherent value, and the relationship to the controversial subject of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and the use in agriculture specifically food crops that are ingested by society.
Consider that you and I, for example, do have value as individuals — what we’ll call inherent value. To say we have such value is to say that we are something more than, something different from, mere receptacles. Moreover, to ensure that we do not pave the way for such injustices as slavery or sexual discrimination, we must believe that all who have inherent value have it equally, regardless of their sex, race, religion, and birthplace and so on. Inherent value, then, belongs equally to those who are the experiencing subjects of a life, whether it belongs to others — to rocks and rivers, trees and glaciers. There are four rules that a person must accept about environmental ethics. The first of these is Non-Malfeasance; this rule is that no person should harm any living thing. The second is Non-Interference; this says that a person should try to refrain from interfering with nature. Another part of this rule is the aspect of Impartiality, which says that if you truly respect nature then you will not favor a certain species over another. The third rule is Fidelity; this says that a person should be faithful to nature and not try to trick anything in nature. The fourth and final rule is the idea of Resistive Justice; this is a reestablishment of a balance if it has been upset. This rule is put into place in the case that if you were to violate any of the first three rules, then you should make that up by…

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