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Assessment Process and Need Statement

Week Two
Nicole’s Assessment Process and Need Statement
Nicole Halliwill
Program Design & Proposal Writing
October 7, 2013
Jennifer AlbrechtMohave County Arizona Unemployment The state reports seasonally for the last season it reported, “9.7 percent of the population of Mohave County is currently filling for unemployment” (FRED, 2013). Some individual cities in the county are having even higher rates of unemployment. This is surprising in tourist towns like Lake Havasu.
The county and city reports, “Lake Havasu City’s August unemployment rate climbed nearly 1 percent to 11.3 percent, but community leaders say the latest numbers don’t reflect what they are seeing in the local community. The city’s August unemployment rate is eight-tenths of a percent higher than the 10.5 percent in July, according to numbers released last week by the Arizona Department of Administration. Mohave County’s rate climbed four-tenths of a percent from 9.7 percent in July to 10.2 percent in August. Both Lake Havasu City and Mohave County’s unemployment rate haven’t changed significantly throughout the year ranging mostly between 9 percent and 10 percent. Lake Havasu City’s unemployment rate has been as low as 9.5 percent in February and May. Mohave County’s rate was lowest in May at 8.9 percent and highest at 10.4 percent in January” (Moberly, 2013).
This does not include those who are not working, but not filling like mothers with small children, students, and seniors living off pensions of spouses. There are numerous contributing factors that make this even harder on the population of Mohave County to survive. The need is evident with the growing rate of people only surviving because of benefits like food stamps and unemployment checks that things need to change. The need is for there to be more available positions. The reasons this occurs is due to numerous factors like the number of companies going out of business, lack of job growth,…


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