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Aids Conspricay – Is AIDS Biological Warfare?

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Conspricay – Is AIDS Biological Warfare?
The following is a complete verbatim transcription
from a recent broadcast of “Network 23”, a program shown on a local Los
Angeles Public Access Cable Channel.

Good evening, I’m Michel Kassett. This
is Network 23. A couple of weeks ago we had a program on the subject of
AIDS, addressing the question of whether AIDS-the AIDS virus-was created
by the government; and I’m sure that some people were quite shocked by
what they heard. We spent that entire program relating to you the evidence
of a very substantial amount of factual evidence which supports the proposition
that AIDS is a synthetic biological agent that was deliberately engineered
by the US government as an instrument of depopulation. This is by far the
most controversial and dangerous subject that we have ever addressed on
this program, so I would like to review briefly the major points-the most
significant pieces of evidence-that I presented two weeks ago.

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The first point was that in the early 1970’s,
Henry Kissinger wrote a top secret document-a National Security Memorandum
(“NSM 200”) — in which he indicated that “depopulation should be the highest
priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.” This Memorandum
which can be obtained from the US National Archives, which was only declassified
very quietly in 1990, was adopted by the National Security Council as official
US foreign policy towards the Third World. Now, this is a classic example
of the “secret government” in action, because of none of this was known
to the Congress, and certainly, it was not known to the American people.

Did any of you know that depopulation was considered a matter of US national
security? Did any of you know that for the past 20 years, depopulation
has been the highest long-range priority of US foreign policy towards the
Third World? No you didn’t, because it was classified-it was a secret.

I would like to read for you just a piece
of this document. It is written by Henry Kissinger:
“Reduction of the rate of population in
these States is a matter of vital US national security.” [National Security
Memorandum, Henry Kissinger]
And we even have a map of those areas in
which Kissinger indicates where depopulation would be desireable. It’s
all Third World countries- it’s all brown people and yellow people, of

“The US economy will require large and
increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed
countries. That fact gives the US enhanced interests in the political,
economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening
of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population
policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests
of the United States.” [National Security Memorandum, Henry Kissinger]
Now, when Kissinger says “economic interests
of the United States…” he means the interests of US corporations, which
are in fact, multi-national corporations, with no loyalty to this country
whatsoever. NSM 200, unlike other government documents on the subject,
outlined “international and political and economic implications of population
growth…” rather than its ecological or sociological aspects. Like we
have been saying all along, the New World Order is a business, and the
US Government is in the business of business.

Now, the next document was from the US
Senate Library. It is a record of the Appropriations Hearing that was held
in July of 1969, where the Department of the Army specifically requested
and received $10 million to develop “a synthetic biological agent that
would impair or destroy the human immune system.” This is from the US Senate
Library. We also made reference to several published articles from the
World Health Organization, written about the same time, which advocated
similar kinds of research toward the development of “a hybrid virus that
could selectively effect the human immune system.”
Like it not, these documents all exist.

The Kissinger Memorandum, the Army Appropriations Hearing, the articles
from the World Health Organization; these are official records-facts of
history-that can not be disputed.

We also pointed out an incredible coincidence.

The World Health Organization went into Central Africa in 1972 — into
an area that is known as the “AIDS Belt”-and administered a smallpox vaccination
to several thousands of Africans. This event was followed immediately by
the first outbreak of AIDS on this planet-a remarkable coincidence-that
was noted as a Front Page Headline in the London Times, but has never even
been mentioned in the US Media-never even mentioned.

Another startling fact that was never mentioned
in the mainstream media the Hepatitis


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