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Accounting Project (348 words)

Accounting Project
interview with the accountant of Robin Hood Multifoods Inc. was one of the
greatest interviews I have ever experienced. The person whom I interviewed was
Mr. Jeff R. Scott. Jeff was a really nice person when I asked him questions. His
desk was not as organized as I thought, because accountants are really
organized. The reason is because he just got promoted from assistant controller
to controller. As I asked him more and more questions, the answers that came
back at me were pretty interesting. Jeff R. Scott is a Chartered Accountant
acquired at the University of Western Ontario. His requirements of completing
C.A. were a business degree, he had to join a C.A. firm ? also know as an”article”, and completing the C.A. exam. Skills included aptitude with
numbers, relationships between numbers, algebra, and high-level thinking e.g.

summarized data, interpreting what 3-4 pages means in 5-6 years. What might this
job lead to? This job will most likely lead onto internal audit, managerial, and
vice president of finance. How much influence does Jeff R. Scott have in the
department/company? In his own words, “I’m in full control. I tell people
what to do, whom to fire, whom to hire, what their salary should be. Why?
Because I’m the controller”. He has leadership, teamwork. Does not really
have a routine set for his staff, as long as the work is done. The working hours
what the company refers to as “flex-time”. Hours of work for Jeff R. Scott
is 7 a.m. ? 6 p.m. For the staff, it is 7 ? hours. The salary for Jeff R.

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Scott is between $90,000 – $120,000. Here are some extra information that I
fount out. There are a total of 54 ? employees working in the accounting
department (the ? represents the co-op employee). There are 2 ? at internal
audit; 12 in accounts receivable and credit; 16 in operational; 9 in corporate
(finance); 13 in information system (maintenance). Accounting is also divided
into 2 branches, external auditors, and internal auditors. External auditors
include treasury (corporate taxes), legal reporting, consolidations, and legal
entry. Internal auditors include supporting the business, making financial
decisions, and gross profit analysis.


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