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A Difficult Century – Forming Of The World Government

According to Held, Today, the mechanisms we have for enforcing international law depend too much on whether a powerful geo-political force such as the U.S. is willing to commit resources to the problem. In such a situation, a ?big state’ will likely do what it desires, acting in its own interests. Recent developments in Kosovo, Chechnya, Iran and other states in some kind of a conflict have just proven the above statement. Presently the most important developments in international law and relations between states are, almost exclusively, dictated by the Great Powers. The General Assembly of the UN is probably the only part of UN that represents some kind of democratic current, but it, nevertheless, has almost no authority and certainly no binding power on its member countries. The world needs authoritative global governance, which will enable democratic development in all members, and this will not be an easy task to achieve. The Great Powers would prefer forming of the world government only if they have legislative power big enough to control, up to some extent, the actions of such a government. Today such a control is established by the veto system in the Security Council. Although the veto was used by one some of the permanent members of the Security Council only a couple of times in the nineties, it is still a very powerful weapon able to stop almost any attempt that one of the permanent members is against. Un will have to undergo some drastic changes if it is to be the world government, and will have to find a way of controlling the Great Powers and direct their political power and influence towards resolving and not creating the world’s conflicts.
NATO, as the biggest regional organization, is one of the actors who should at least help, if not carry the one of the main roles, in the changes needed to establish the global governance. Unfortunately the policy that NATO undertook in the last couple of years, especially in the Yugoslavia in 1999, does not contribute to the forming of the world governance. On the contrary, one can perceive the developments in the South-eastern Europe as the spreading of the US political and military influence and not as a start of the global governing process. As Pearson indicates, The United States also sidesteps the authority of the Security Council ? as it did in the US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia And the sidesteps like the one in the case of the NATO campaign in the Yugoslavia are precisely the milestones that can point out that the US are not quite supporting the global government by their actions within NATO policy. Nevertheless, the actions of the NATO could easily be perceived by the countries in the Southeast Europe as the attempt to create the world government if the NATO policy was the result of the Security Council vote. However, in the cases of campaigns in Yugoslavia, or for example the frequent bombings of Iraq in the no-fly zone by the United States and the UK, The Security Council was not performing the task it was established to do.

Nevertheless, the political potential for the creation of the world government exists today more than ever. And although held indicates that Unfortunately, there are no institutions in the world at present that can act as legitimate fore for debate on global political issues [?] there are organizations that have great potential for achieving this task. In the near future the UN will have to undergo some drastic changes in its body structure, vote system, veto system and so on, and such organizational changes will clearly indicate some kind of development in the global governance. Forming of the world government will probably take a very long period and should be established throughout the long line of systematic changes in the world of the international law and relations. Along that line some new organizations will most probably be established, such as International Human Rights Court and similar, and in order to support the world government their jurisdiction will be apparently global. Most likely the world government will not be created through forming the new organizations from

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