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Zulu Research PaperSM

This culture was started by Zulu cantonment, who settled this tribe in the early sass’s, and where the name of the culture came from. For around the next hundred years, the Zulu people carried on building, and growing their tribe. In the year 181 8, the Zulu took on an identity that would consume their entire culture and even be their identifying trademark in today’s society. During 1818, the Zulu were under the direction off new king, Shake. He was, and remains the most influential Zulu member as far as historical significance is concerned.

Shakes greatest asset to the Zulus was the vast military improvements he made during his reign. He changed everything from, paeans, mobility, and strategy. While under the control of Shake the Zulu people were at the height of their existence, and were able to expand their empire to the largest in Zulu history. After Shakes death, the Zulu power was quickly diminished, and as a result they were taken over by the British, who were claiming territories in the Southern African region at the time.

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Once taken over by the British, the Zulu were divided into separate kingdoms, and an immense civil war ensued. The fighting would not stop until Zealand (as it was referred to then) became a part of the British colony of Natal. Finally, in the sass’s, The Quiz’s were acquitted of British control and were given their own land, named Zulu. This stood for around twenty years, as it turned out in 1994, Zulu joined with the colony of Natal, forming the nation of Zulu-Natal, which is the current standing is today. I It is widely accepted that the majority of the Zulu people are of the Christian faith, this is mainly due to the fact that around the early formation of the Zulu culture many Christian missionaries were in the area trying to spread the word of Christianity. As it turns out, this was very effective in the sense that most do overt to Christianity; however, most Quiz’s also believe in spirits, and spirits as most of these native tribes do. In this belief, the Zulu believe there to be a God who created everything, and is very involved in the day to day living, they refer to this being as Unluckily. Ii Secondly, they also believe that there are 3 main spirits present in the human body. One is the actual physical body, second is the life force that is within the body, and last is the personality that lives within each person. The Zulu refers to these spirits as maximum, Mummy, and Stunning respectively. The Zulu exhibit a very basic and globally accepted belief in the way they treat people, simply stating that act right to others, and don’t be negative.

The reasoning behind these beliefs is that if you’re positive and treat others well, your stunning spirit will live on, even though your maximum is not physically present. Therefore, when just the opposite occurs, and a person is negative and a bad person they become an outcast in the society, because they don’t want said person’s negative stunning remaining. This is the main reasoning behind the belief they have in ancestral spirits. As well as these spirits, the Zulu also believe in the use of healers, witches, and the use of magic. There are many positions of significance within this tribe.

There is a diviner, which assesses problems for people who come to them. Once a problem is evident, the fate then gets left to a herbalist. He makes a certain concoction (mouth) in order to receive help from the ancestors, which will contain either white, or black mouth. White, naturally meaning purity and goodness will help the person in trouble. Black mouth however does just the opposite, and brings about evil upon the person in question. Herbalists who practice with this black mouth are believed to be witches, and consequently are outcasts from then on. V Like most cultures, men are far superior to the women in the Zulu way of the life. The men are brought up to be warriors, the do this by constantly stick fighting, and training in their youth. As they grow older, and eventually become men, they are the head of the household. They take care of everything of prominence, such as attending meetings, entertaining guests and tending to the herd. As it turns out, men often neglect the wives so much, that may man often spend more mime with the herd, than their wives. All the women are expected to do in this culture is to tend to the family. Make sure there is a fresh water supply, create pots, mix the beer, and ensure the fields are in good shape. Today, the Zulus maintain a strong sense of self. They get this from the kind of prominence they had under the rule of Shake nearly 200 years ago. They are proud warriors, and a strong people. They maintain their ancestral beliefs, and spirits, as well as being strong believers in Christianity. Through all these strong attitudes, the Zulu are still believed to be a third world type culture.

Mostly because they maintain the old style of living they had when this culture first became a dominant force. As you can see the Zulu tribe as a whole have not been around for a very long time, however, they have had a vast history and been under constant change. Atone point, they were the most feared tribe in Africa, to a struggling nation who had been decremented by civil war in just a span of 60 years, a similar path by the United States. However due to the lack of technology and resources, they have been muted in moving forward and continue to live in the ways of the past.


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