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Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery for outstanding employees to carry out business development training

 October 26, 2013 to 27 employees in Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Company launched a one-night business development training. Through this outdoor experiential training , not only to enhance the employees who Yifan vocational skills , but also strengthened the internal culture Yifan team spirit .
 October 26th six in the morning , all the participants to expand the training of elite collection of all time came pre place to start looking forward to extraordinary . In the distance to the base , the host to introduce the training process , the project , as well as training base favors style and personnel to participate in training camp , said the regulations and safety rules.
 So in the way of song and laughter , and Yifan elites reached the destination , but their challenge and it has begun.
 Team building and started showing the first morning of the project , the project is the implementation of the cultural soul of the staff team and advertising capabilities. After the opening ceremony has been training people to trust and communication relay war Chuanshu activities. Afternoon we experienced a team warm-up , drumming Dianqiu , such as training the team puzzle teamwork activities.
 The next morning exercises and gradually prepared for the military elite , the storm path in life , graduation and other unique wall to expand training activities. After the expansion of the training course , the company also arranged for everyone from the village to the cliff promenade Television Guo Liang sightseeing tours.
 Finally, in the summary of the team ‘s comments, pictures taken under this expansion of training activities came to a close . Little Lu Yifan Machinery Commerce Department to Xiao Bian Share : this event made ??me realize the power of individuals is very small, but the strength of the team is particularly strong , like a drop of water and a piece of the ocean , which is dripping into the ocean among which will play a more powerful force. Only teamwork, corporate…


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