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How to write a descriptive essay


How to define a descriptive essay? It is a type of essay, even a method that helps to describe things. Everything is easy with the definition. But we gathered here to know how to start a descriptive essay. Well, that is a question. Today we are going to recommend you things and the main points about the descriptive essay and hope all of them will be useful to you.

The way of writing a descriptive essay depends on a topic you got. If you have a task to write about a journey you have recently had, then you have to write in a unique way because travelling is such an experience that has to awake a person to do something more, it has to evoke person to move and act. If your task is to describe a dream town, then try your best to make this city feel like real for readers. So the very basic tips for descriptive writing are now represented on this page.

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Start with making the outline. It will become much easier to understand the whole concept of the essay. Here you can decide what things to be given in the introduction paragraph and how much time do you need.

What is very important in this part of the text is to make your own “climate.” Readers are looking for something unusual, open-minded, impartial and you have to try to give it to them. The more you will make it interesting the greater will be the chances that the people will like to read it completely.

Choose a nice title that will be the beginning of your amazing trip. A title should become the beginning of grabbing the reader.

Prewriting for the Descriptive Essay

Well, in this phase, in prewriting point of descriptive essay writing, you should take time to think, to gather thoughts about what you want to write. Think about the object, period, and the episode you want to write. Your topic doesn’t need to be famous or even unusual. A thing you describe could be anyone if it is a person; if it is the object, a favorite doll; and if it is the place, a bench where you first kissed.

When you chose a topic, the next step is to spend some time thinking about the qualities you have to describe. Think precisely about the details you want to explain, write about details associated with the topic. Even if you chose not a place to describe, nevertheless, speak about the surroundings. Where is the object located in your description essay? Where does the person live? Write not about physical characteristics of things you describe, but mention memories feelings and ideas that the subject makes.

Drafting a Descriptive Essay

When writing a descriptive essay, especially its outline, following it, but remember, the aim is to give your reader a rich experience about the subject.

Bear in mind that the most important thing is to make a show! Yes, a show, not a simple telling! The best variant is to touch all the senses person has – sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Write in such a way, to make a reader feel the rain you experienced; to see the sunset you saw; to taste that awesome piece of cake you had; to feel the touch of hand deep in your soul; to smell fresh bread your mother baked.

To make it happen, you have to use descriptive and figurative language. You have to enjoy the process of writing, and the reader has to feel your obsession too.

Try to enjoy the process of describing—it can be a rewarding experience. A good descriptive essay isn’t just about a place; it doesn’t rely just on facts and examples, it relies on writers possibility and even ability to make a mental image in readers’ minds.

Revising a Descriptive Essay

Revision phase in narrative, descriptive essay consists of review, modification, and reorganization of the work. The aim is to make the text as best as you can.

Here, you should reread the work with several questions-examples and guides in mind.

– Did you open the main idea of the text?

– Will you touch all people’s senses with the word choice and figurative language?

– Do you have any paragraphs which will confuse the reader?

– Did you write all the details to fulfill a complete picture?

In conclusion, it is better to go from the general to the specific. In other case, people may have problems with visualization about a picture in their mind’s eye. Try to keep the reader in mind from opening until the concluding paragraph.

Editing a Descriptive Essay

At this point, the author also checks everything in his/her descriptive story. You should proofread, correct errors in grammar and mechanics, and check if you have the subject, we mean – a strong one. Also, it is time for you to check if the text satisfies the requirements – check style, clarity, remove clichés, overload of adjectives and adverbs. If you can ask a friend to read the text because another person can find things you will miss.

Publishing a Descriptive Essay

When you share the text with your class, you have to understand that a personal descriptive essay is scary and exciting at the same time. You have to understand that there isn’t any single writer in the world who isn’t worried about his or her own work. What is the most important in that thing, is to study on your mistakes, and no matter what the feedback will be, and even if something is not so smooth or cool, you have to learn from this experience. This will help you in the future to make texts better.


A descriptive paper needs to be written in a very strong manner. The aim to convince readers in your thoughts, to open them your soul and make them feel the same thing you did, the writer should open his world and his mind in writing.

The writer has to write and describe a concrete situation, object or location. Start with your subject’s meaning. Show people what personal experience they could get. Your conclusion has to say what and why readers feel the way they did. Next important question should be answered in the premiere way. Ask “So what?”. Use the experience you described to get the greater truth. Write in that way, to make readers believe in your story and to give them a chance to get the moral in the proper way.


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