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Worst Job

The Snatchers
Harry leaned against the burnout car while he adjusted the strap from the bag around his neck. The hike was up hill, just out of Godric’s Hollow. Harry and Hermione was a mile from town, from the old freeway, where they could see all the way down upon the cozy village.
“Let’s rest for a bit,” Harry said, not waiting for his companion to reply, sinking down upon the cracked asphalt.
Sweat dripped down his shirt as the summer sun was now sinking. Harry couldn’t imagine how hot Hermione must be in her floor length red robe, and the cumbersome bonnet that made seeing her face hard.
“There should be some over here,” she said, pointing to a patch of weeds growing out of a ditch.
Harry sighed and followed his determined friend. Hermione was a muggle-born and as befitting her station, she was on a job of fetching and running around for the local wizards. Tonight, it was potion lessons with Harry’s least favorite person, Severus Snape.
Harry’s father, James Potter, died in the first war. Lily, Harry’s mother, turned to her childhood friend for support and comfort. Thankfully, Lily and Snape weren’t together, but Snape was still a part of Harry’s life because that is what Lily wanted. Lily needs the help, but Harry isn’t stupid. He sees the way Snape looks at her. It’s disgusting.
All through the walk, Hermione was boasting all she knew about the potion he was to learn tonight.
“I wouldn’t have to learn from Snape if they finally accepted me at Hogwarts already.”
The reason why his Hogwarts acceptance letter had yet to come this year was because of his mother. As a muggle-born herself, she had little power in the magical world. She hoped the school governors would remember Harry’s father, the infamous Auror, one of these days and let him in.


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