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A community as a set of multiple actors with formal and informal rules and norms that shape their interaction in local level processes ; a definition which comprise also institutions which have much influence on community development activities. Local communities are regarded as important asset in tourism development as it is within their premises that these activities take place. However, local tourism development requires people who are affected by tourism to be involved in both the planning process and the implementation of policies and action plans. This ensures that the development meets the perceived needs of the local community.

In addition, to achieve long lasting outcome, communities need to be active participants rather than passive observers. This research project will therefore seek to explore and investigate the level of participatory approach for the tourism activities and projects in the Municipality that require involvement of the locals, understand the definition Of community participation in tourism development by examining local communities’ views on their role in tourism development, and assess the reinsurance and accountability of the LUG in reaching out for emersion to its local residents.

It is desired that the bottom line of this study would contribute to the advancement of the tourism industry in the Municipality of Mammal, which the study will be conducting thereon. II. Statement of the Problem: This study sought to answer the following questions: . What are the profile of the respondents in terms of: d. Occupation a. Age b. Gender e. Relationship Status Educational attainment 2. What are the tourism activities and projects in the Municipality that require involvement of the locals? How does the Municipality encourage the locals to us port tourism development plans? 4. Are the locals of the Municipality willing to support the Lug’s tourism development projects? 5. What are the reasons why locals won’t support the Municipality’s tourism development plans? Ill. Significance Of the Study: This study sought to give benefits to the following: A. Researchers – This study would benefit us, as the researchers in a way that it will broaden our knowledge on how to conduct a certain study that will be of great advantage for the locals and the municipality as well.

This would also elf us to acquire our know-how skills in imparting some ideas, opinions, and suggestions for other future tourism development plans. On the contrary, thief study also teach us to be patient and tempered persons due to intense pressure caused by some lapses and on how to deal with proper time- management. B. LUG of Mammal – This study would benefit the Municipality”s LOGIC by means Of helping the tourism industry to the utmost regarding on its progress and development.

This would give the LOGIC a chance to boost the municipality through their desired tourism development plans, particularly those which re considered empirical by some studies. It will also enthused tourists to try out the best of their tourist attractions that will be developed soon that would firm up the local town’s advancement. This would also allow them to build a better and competent relationship towards the local residents of the municipality . C. Local Residents – This study would benefit the local residents on various ways.

Such thing is that they will be able to learn on how to incorporate with the LOGIC in order to attain and accomplish the desired tourism development plans. This would also urge them to engage more on community and society- eased programs or somehow become an advocate of tourism programs for the betterment of the municipality tourism industry. Thus, with all the effort and hard work they will put through on such activities that need auxiliary services, sure thing that they will benefit a lot at the same time. IV.

Scope and Limitations of the Study The scope or the domain Of this research study is focusing on the Municipality of Mammal. In this study, researchers will be collecting the actual profile of the respondents and the participatory level of the local residents, as ell as the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed tourism development plans by the LUG. Such limitation in the study is that it might not be accurate because researchers won’t be able to know if the respondents would answer honestly on the distributed questionnaires.

There might also be a possibility that researchers will be rejected and won’t receive the appropriate approach and response by the local residents. Researchers might also be experiencing lack of funds in terms of producing enough number of questionnaires that will be given to both respondents (the LEGAL and the local residents). QUESTIONNAIRE Submitted by: Rebuttal, Signally R. Deal Rosa, Adrenal L. Woman, Alex Grace B. Corded, Shaking Aziza B. Submitted to: Ms.

Christine Casino Aba LUG and Local Residents Questionnaire: Direction: Fill in the box with a check mark( ) that fits your best answer. Please answer the questionnaire honestly. Thank you and God bless. [1 1. Profile of the Respondents: 31-40 41-50 50 and above Age: 21-30 Gender: Male Female Educational attainment: High school graduate Vocational College graduate Occupation: Employed Unemployed Under employed Relationship Status: Single Married Widowed LOGIC Questionnaire: 2. What are the activities and tourism projects done in your locality?

Zoo Theme park Livelihood and Enterprise Development Program Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Projects Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan Dive Dreamland (Installing the Attendant Marine Sanctuary) Others please specify: 3. What are the activities/projects that require the involvement of the locals in your Municipality: Zoo Theme Park Maintenance of the Smoke Free Ordinance 4. What kind Of support are yum expecting from the locals in your tourism projects? Volunteer Man power Financial Decision making process Consultation Should not participate at all 5.