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Workforce Diversity

1.0. Abstract: 2
2.0. Introduction to Workforce Diversity: 2
2.1. Workforce Diversity in 21st Century: 2
2.2. Advantages of Workforce Diversity: 4
3.0. Workforce diversity in Different Organizations or Companies: 6
3.1. Workforce Diversity of Tesco: 6
3.2. Workforce Diversity of Coca Cola: 6
3.3. Workforce Diversity of IBM: 7
4.0. Conclusion: 8
5.0. Bibliography 91.0. Abstract:
This assignment is about a very hot topic which is very important in this era of globalization known as workforce diversity. In this assignment the main theme is about the workforce diversity in this 21st century. This assignment will start with a brief introduction regarding workforce diversity. In this introduction the concept of workforce diversity will be explained briefly which will be followed by the importance of workforce diversity in 21st century. Furthermore in this assignment there will be discussion regarding the advantages of workforce diversity in any organization. After the brief introduction of workforce diversity there will be description of workforce diversity practice undertaken by three companies. The names of those companies which will be described in this assignment are TESCO, COCA-COLA and IBM. All of the main aspects of workforce diversity which are taken by these companies will be described in this assignment to make the concept of workforce diversity more clear and clean. In the end this assignment will conclude with a brief conclusion which is taken out after taking this assignment’s topic under research.
2.0. Introduction to Workforce Diversity:
To known the about the differences in an organization the best possible tool through which it can be known is workforce diversity. The concept and meaning of workforce diversity is that corporations are attracting to be more diverse because of the people from different groups. The term diversity means the coexistence of workers belonging to different environments and cultures working in…


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