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Women Leadership Research Paper

Women Leadership Victoria Flanders Research paper Due Date: July 12, 2014 Margery College Abstract In the early asses, women fought their rights to vote; they had won their rights to vote. Now we are encouraging for more women leadership by breaking the “glass ceiling’ by the year of 2020. When it comes to leadership, women are voicing up their objectives to increase women leadership. In order to meet the goal, it is going to take nation as a whole to debate and meet the objective. The national goal on women leadership is to increase up to 50% of women to be leaders (Vision 2020).

In my perspective in order to meet the national goal is for people to understand and learn about themselves and others. It takes people to assess why they react the way they react when it comes to hearing about women leadership. It is all about awareness and education. Am going to focus mainly on stereotype which created barriers when it comes to glass ceiling in women leadership. With this research paper, I will be putting in information from what had learned, the information from interviewees, then at the end my opinion about women’s leadership, which I had learned from Human Resource 515.

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When it comes to senior leadership, the national goal is to increase more number of women’s leadership by passing the glass ceiling. There are several things the national need to do in order to help women to get into senior leadership. A major key needed to be pointed out that are the serious issue is to reduce stereotypes, which creates barriers in leadership and showing women’s talents. Stereotype is all around us everyday regardless men or women. However, women get stereotyped more than men when it comes to climbing the ladder to leadership. Way women are perceived by the society is based on how we approach when being leaders.

There is no perfect balance when it comes to being a female leader. Women often viewed as strident and overly aggressive or ambitious, when it comes to “mocking male” role (Rhode and Salesman, 2006, p. 7). However, if women choose to do the calm role, they then are perceived not a good leader due to possible of being push over. In addition, once it comes to stereotype which happens often times due to society’s view, created women to be less willing to engage in self-promoting or assertive behavior, or take the risk that may be necessary for leadership role (Rhode ND Salesman, 2006, p. ), which is a of part of the reason why there is glass ceiling. After speaking to the interviewees, two with no knowledge of Vision 2020; and one with little knowledge Of Vision 2020 due to talking to her about it and showing it to her before I began my research paper. All of the ladies believe women are capable to break the glass ceiling eventually by reducing stereotype. When decreasing the stereotype, women will be able to showcase their talents. One thing womenfolk’s need to do in order to showcase their talents is to be a great mentor. By being a great mentor to all youth to educate them. Not only youth, men and women as well.

When the society is willing to provide great mentor, then they are able to teach everyone the strength women have in leadership verses the male leadership. With both leadership combined, it will give a great boost of education and knowledge for our youth who are seeking into leadership role and how to prevent stereotyping. Society needs to work on not focusing on women’s weakness as the reason why women are unable to be a successful leader. According to some Of my interviewees, they are concern the society looks at women as not smart enough and emotional not feeling worthy enough to hold the leadership position.

Secondly, they feel as if women have to sacrifice their personal life, so they won’t seek power. Thirdly, do not want to appear too businesslike for fear of being called masculine. Lastly, female leaders are manipulative. People tend to view that females become leaders by manipulating to get the job or to get their way and this is not true in most cases. . Men have weakness as well. It is the type of leadership we are seeking for in both male and female. In order to showcase women’s strength that women bring to leadership position is that they improve the quality of workplace for everyone.

As I stated above, mentor and educate everybody: youth and adults. Encourage networking, according to the article: networks are significant in that they are developed and built upon throughout the woman’s life, becoming more focused as the woman becomes more prominent in her role (Elliott and Stead, 2008, p. 174). When it comes to networking, a lot of companies and organization needs to take advantage of women’s leadership due to women ability to multi-layer networking from personal and professional experiences. Women are also great web-thinkers verse the male sticking one at a time.

More and more women are becoming more educated and are able to compete with men better in every capacity in the corporate world. Women are also beginning to see through those biased attitudes of society and other organizations who wish to keep them stagnant in mundane positions. Women are taking back their integrity and seeing themselves as potential contenders of advancement. Conclusions Since women are now taking back their integrity and seeing themselves as attention contenders of advancement, there is advantageous for women to be successful leader.

There is going to be a lot of obstacles women will face as the women leadership transition occurs. Challenges of transition happens daily as Vision 2020 is working on figure out how to and make national goal a success. According to the article, the participants spoke Of being valued one day and the next day failing to be recognized for actual achievement (Bronchi and Goldenrod, 2008, p. 3). This is going to happen, however if we come together educate what women leadership can bring; then it’ll be success. It is just like women fought for their rights in the 1 sass, in over time they won their rights.

Because of women leadership with Vision 2020 objectives, it is happening right now. Women leadership will eventually break the glass ceiling as it is very slowly. Stereotype will never go away but it will reduce the barriers due to educating everyone the best as we can. Opinion I think that women leadership can be very successful because females are just as smart and knowledgeable as males. Although there may be differences in the way they lead, they can still lead successfully. This quarter, I ere did learn a lot about myself and my way of thinking about women leadership.

Not only that, how other women’s way of thinking about women leadership as well after interviewing other leaders. Women senior leadership objective will happen over time. Will it happen at the year of 2020? I am not sure, but like I said, over time, yes. With this research paper, it had opened my eyes how much we may be aware about glass ceiling, but are not speaking about it out loud. In my view, it is like the starting of women’s right to vote. It takes someone from elsewhere to start up and slowly form into a large group f rally.

Once the large group of women rally, that’s when the nation will start to recognize and do something about it. It just amazes me the managers that know does not really know much about Vision 2020. I am the one that just shared new information about Vision 2020, hopefully they will look into it. All it takes is one voice to speak up in a small group, and then hopefully it will spread like a wild fire. Human Resource 515 had changed my outlook when it comes to women leadership. It had brought out my confidence that women are able to do it; and not to allow it affect all of us women.

We had tendency of accepting what the society think of us instead of showing what we are capable of. Look at Hillary Clinton, the nation may say a lot of things about her. Did she allow that affect her leadership? No, she did not allow it affect her leadership style. Hillary continues to do what she thinks is the best. If her decision making was not successful, then she finds a way to make changes in order to make whatever the mission is to be successful. She never said she is perfect, but she is one of the many great role models when it comes to women leadership.


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