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Why censorship is necessary

It is necessary to keep extreme violence and sexual content out of the mainstream media. This is reasonable censorship and it does not damage our political rights to freedom of speech. Some censorship is permissible in order to protect children. Governments claim that only they are capable of protecting children from 1 . Inappropriate” materials which led to the worst entertainment. They must take strict steps in the censorship board to completely ban those movies which are threat to the Egyptian culture; they also must examine the books, movies, and TV, magazines, radio, and internet sites.

The government must also Changing the official staff of the medial ministry. They also have a duty to stop illegal materials (porn sites) being available through the internet. How can people take someone’s art that they have been drawing in their heart and soul and then after finishing it they are told that is not appropriate and isn’t aloud? For some of us this is the only way they know how to express themselves but when they are censored they think that it’s wrong for them to bring out there feelings rather in films or any other Medias.

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However Governments should not play the role of ‘the Big Brother”. Children are too young to understand certain thing on TV. Parental control and filtering of adult here should take place as content such as pornography and aggressive language that is used. Adults have legal rights that children don ;t posses yet. “Let censoring protect the kids, not violate our rights as grownups to view whatever we desire to”. Parents should stop being lazy they already have the rights and control to stop their children from searching sexual sites or watching inappropriate movies.

But unfortunately parents don’t because they are too lazy to do it so they want everything easy and to be childproofed for them. Parents should be on their Child’s shoulders whenever they are surfing the internet or watching a movie that supposed to be there job as a parent. The advantages and purpose of censorship is good. Censorship is there to help protect us and keep us safe from things that are not necessary for us to hear or see. Censorship is good only if used correctly either for children or adults. Using it the wrong way or senselessly then you’re only harming the society.

In my point of say yes I believe that some censorship is needed. If nothing is censored, who knows what will be said out of the radio, television, news, etc, and anything that is supposed to be said can cause war between medias or even countries. Censorship should not be over and above, but it should always be around. Some believe that they should be free to decide what they read, see or talk about, because they think they are mature enough to know what is good and bad. Others feel that censorship is pointless today, because nowadays people can travel to other Mounties and read or see materials unavailable in their countries.

It is also impossible to block materials on satellite or in the internet. After the prime minister of Egypt” Abraham Melee ” decreed the banning of the screening of The movie ” Hallway Error ” The sweetness of spirit for reevaluation by the censorship, because of containing heavy sexual connotations that violate the Egyptian moral code, the film includes language and scenes that negatively affects badly the moral of the children. Which was also slammed by the National Council For Childhood and Motherhood.

They used a teen aged boy that his role in the movie was a boy is fascinated by the Lebanese actress ” Haifa Webby “, which will lead to open the teen-eager children eyes to pornography. The censor board had already had approved the movie before. The decision was ridiculed by the intellectuals and artists, that they have to solve the problems of the country first, rather than the stupidity of banning movies. But unfortunately, they don’t know that the most dangerous problems that the country face are sexual harassment, drug dealing or addiction and bullying.


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