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Website Evaluation

Name: Lloyd Shaw
CHMN 201 – B08-LUOWebsite EvaluationChurch #1 Name: The Brooklyn TabernacleChurch #1 Website: 1. Ministry is…praying for others.
a. Does the church have a prayer ministry? What does it look like? Yes Brooklyn Tabernacle has a prayer ministry called the Prayer Band. This is a ministry dedicated to intercessory prayer. Prayer requests are made through prayer request cards, mail, email, or telephone, prayer requests are then prayed over for 30 days. 2. Ministry is…following Jesus’ example by practicing spiritual mentoring and multiplying.
b. Does the church have a strategy for evangelism? Yes c. Does the church have a strategy for discipleship? yes d. Briefly describe what they look like. The Church evangelism is very diverse. They have King’s Kids, Missions, New Hope, and a prison ministry. The Church also has an extensive discipleship ministry that includes the whole Church. The Discipleship ministries range from Be Transformed to Youth ministries. 3. Ministry is…leading small groups.
e. Does the church have a small group ministry? What can learn about their small group ministry from their website? No, but they do have a link for small group resources that has a DVD and study guide. 4. Ministry is…biblically balanced preaching and teaching
f. Does the website exhibit that the church has a strong Bible base? Yes g. Are verses used throughout the website to support ministries, doctrinal statements, etc.? Yes h. Does the church have an organized Christian Education program? If so, what does it look like? No 5. Ministry is…cultivating a culture of godly accountability for yourself and for those you serve.
i. Does the church have an organized accountability program? If so, what does it look like? Yes, Brooklyn Tabernacle has Financial Accountability that states that they have a commitment to financial integrity….


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