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War in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is one of the longest wars in the United States history. The United States army has been there since 9/11/2001. In February 2009, President Barack Obama ordered 17,000 He plans on sending another 30,000 troops this year. This war has sparked many anti-war efforts. Many parents of killed soldiers are pushing for extraction of the troops. Many of our troops have died there for another nation that has many people who hate the United States. As always, though, there are people that want to stay in the war. They want Afghanistan to become a nation that can handle itself. Some argue that the war in Afghanistan is wrong because of all or our troops dying; however, ultimately it is the right thing to do to help Afghanistan because they need help setting up their government, building a strong enough army, and keeping the Taliban from gaining control again.
The war in Afghanistan has caused many deaths. Many young men have died there fighting for a country that’s not the United States. This is why many parents have been pushing to get the troops in the Middle East brought back home to the Unites States. It is a unfortunate thing that so many of our troops are dying for another country. This is why so many have spoken out against the war. “Obama said there’d be one combat battalion coming home per month, and that has not happened.” said Cindy Sheehan, one of the leaders of the anti-war movement. Many
parents are angry about their children dying in the war to protect a foreign country. Obama plans on sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in the upcoming years “Activist Cindy Sheehan Revives Anti-War Efforts”. This is one of the main reasons people are getting mad because he said he would be withdrawing troops “Activist Cindy Sheehan Revives Anti-War Efforts”. It has also caught the attention of many politicians: “Activist Ralph Nader told protesters Mr. Obama had essentially continued the policies of the Bush administration” “Thousands in Anti-War Rally”. All of these are logical reasons, but it is a really good thing we are doing to help a country in need.
The United States presence in Afghanistan is helping the Afghanistan government buildup strength. It is giving them the crucial time that they need to make their government strong when it was all out of shape and not working as a unit “Baker and Kolay”. The United States government is collaborating with the Afghanistan government to help them build a stable government that can last the test of the Taliban when the United States leaves. Although there are tensions that are rising between the two nations’ governments, they still stand strong in their alliance. This is because the Afghanistan government knows they could not do it alone “Baker and Kolay”. The United States helped set up the Afghanistan government after the Taliban lost control of the country. If the United States were to pull out now like so many want, lots of people would die. Also the Afghanistan government would fall apart. The United States is giving the Afghanistan government time to make policies, and laws that are crucial to running a country “Baker and Kolay”. United States officials are being very hard on the Afghanistan government about how they should run their country. President Karzai is strong leader, but the United States must stay because Afghanistan simply isn’t ready to protect itself yet. Obama did pay a visit to Afghanistan but it was a really short one and it was at night “King”. This made many people
angry at Obama in Afghanistan because they say it was very chicken thing to do. It was also his first time to Afghanistan in 14 months “King”. Many people described Karzai’s behavior to President Obama as indifferent. Also there are many that said that his mood toward Obama was very pleasant and friendly “King”. Many people in Afghanistan think we are there just for ourselves and not to help them get back on their feet. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a conversation with President Karzai delivering a very clear message about how he needs to get his government back in check “King”. When George W. Bush was president he had once a week Internet chats with President Karzai but that has now ended since Obama has became president “King”. Many think that Obama is simply ignoring the issues there, and say he doesn’t think that it’s important. Clearly relations with Afghanistan have gone down since President Obama became president, and Bush had to step down. It is because Obama doesn’t make many visit’s. Also he doesn’t really put effort into it. Despite all the factors the Unites States and Afghanistan still get along and are helping each other.
Afghanistan’s armies are not yet ready to take on the duty of protecting their own country. They simply are not strong enough and too few in numbers. The United States has been working with the Afghanistan army to build it up, and give it strong leaders. The existence of the United States army is protecting Afghanistan and giving it time to build an army. “The U.S. exit strategy for Afghanistan, according to Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is to strengthen the Afghan forces so they can protect the fragile advances of the government.” “Baker and Kolay”. There was an evening operation that was supposed to join them but the ANA commander pulled them out at the last second, and said that his men weren’t ready for it “Baker and Kolay”. This just goes to show that all of the opinions of the people that
think that the Afghanistan army simply isn’t ready to take control of defending its own nation. The Afghanistan army lacks elements that give them the upper hand in the fight against the Taliban “Baker and Kolay”. “A lot of times, the ANA commanders want to do the bare minimum,” “Baker and Kolay”. The commanders are simply not taking it seriously enough. “… What they are lacking right now is air support, logistics and medevac abilities.” said Jenkinson “Baker and Kolay”. These are all reasons why the Afghanistan army is not ready to take charge yet.
The Taliban are still in play in Afghanistan despite there defeat. “Despite their defeat at the hands of the West in 2001, the Taliban continued to exist.” “Afghanistan”. They are living in hiding in different strongholds that they have spread out in Afghanistan. They still have ties in the communities in Afghanistan. There is still very strong Taliban influences in Afghanistan. This is why the United States and Afghanistan have to act quickly and get rid of the Taliban. “The Taliban regrouped and began to extend its influence in the southern part of Afghanistan.” “Afghanistan”. The Taliban has established its power back in the southern part of Afghanistan. “There rise was assisted by a resurgent opium trade, which helped to fill the group’s coffers.” “Afghanistan”. It is vital that the Taliban is removed from Afghanistan so that the country will have little problems with taking command of its self.

The war in Afghanistan is a very controversial topic and a very touchy one. It is a very good thing that we are doing for a country in need. Although many people think otherwise it still is a very good thing cause without us they would be in a lot of trouble. They will need the U.S. till they have a strong government ,a strong military, and have gotten rid of the Taliban once and for all.word count:1225

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