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Vitamin Water Research Paper

In recent years, MGM has nominated the respective markets in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sir Lankan and China, and is emerging as a strong presence in the European and American markets. Currently, MGM provides world-class supply chain support with 1 00 percent accuracy in over seven countries and is expected to expand across the continents in understanding of the concept, “Business Beyond Boundaries. ” The company’s growth is attributed to its fast transit, guaranteed space and proactive coordination. MGM continues to strive on product innovation, promising only the best in years to come. MGM Group represents seven freight-forwarding agencies and six shipping lines.

In 2006 and 2007, MGM was set to strengthen its presence in Sir Lankan, China and Europe – and has successfully achieved that. Since then, MGM has focused on the European market, aiming to provide its quality services across the Pacific. MGM has 30 percent volume share of export sea freight in Bangladesh and 55 percent of European exports. In 2010, MGM has over 180 clients in Bangladesh, more than 230 clients worldwide and reaches out to over 60,000 retail outlets in the world. Achievements MGM has also had numerous internal achievements such as achieving target efficiency improvements and reaching milestones in annual revenues. Despite the credentials, MGM continues to strive to provide the very best for its loyal and satisfied customers.

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In accordance with the MGM mission to go beyond boundaries, the company has managed to make a presence in the global supply-chain market MGM is the number 1 customer of the Chitchatting International Airport based on passenger and cargo volume. Furthermore, twelve percent volume share of export air freight is managed by Mash’s aviation team. In 2005, the shipment from C&A via Transpire Logistics Ltd. (HTML), a concern of MGM, increased beyond 5000 Tells. That year, HTML experienced a growth of thirty percent, courtesy of their fast transit, guaranteed space and proactive coordination. Klaus Peter Bergman, Manager, Overseas Transports Logistics, stated that MGM has been providing error-free information flow on time with 99 percent accuracy during the regular yearly vendor conferences (laundry, 2006).

Product MGM offers a complete 360-degree door to door solution, making MGM a referred logistics company for many brands around the world. MGM services cater to fashion retailers, automobile companies and many other large business organizations. Careful, C&A, Metro, Ionians and Renault use MGM as their logistics partner. MGM operates from many countries primarily in the South Asian region, with even more countries being added into the arsenal every day. With major bases in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sir Lankan, Nepal and recently Manner, MGM has the advantage of tapping into the fashion market at the very source. Objectives: Overall Objectives:

As a market leader in logistics, MGM understands the different needs of customers and provides unique services to each one of them. Mash’s logistics divisions ensure that no customer is left unattended. The key values of MGM, keeping customers at the center of decision-making and assurance of delivery consistency, have allowed them to open its door to all types of customers across the world. Understanding the importance of information technology in relation to global presence, MGM has carved out web portals that assist customers and MGM alike in various fields. By using common platforms such s enmeshment. Com, MGM improves efficiency and delivers top notch logistics services. Enmeshment. Mom allows real time tracking to customer; thus, making the process transparent and within hands’ reach throughout the supply chain. By offering consolidated 360-degree customized solutions to the partners, MGM has managed to link the complex worldwide network into an innovative and simple logistics solution. MGM covers air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, trucking, import clearance, distribution and custom brokerage, alongside Container Freight Station (CIFS) / Inland Container Depot ICED) services for its global customers. Over the years, MGM has successfully brought in significant benefits to its rich portfolio of clientele from the FMC, automobile and ARM sectors among others through its value oriented services.

The company’s alliances with renowned brands such as CAM CAM, Emirates Shipping Line, USC, Senator Lines, MAC Transport and others in South Asia signify its success and highlight the edge that it provides. Current objectives (Product based) MGM group has reputation for large scale marketing ; Vitamin enrich labored water is the new concern for themselves. The main target group consists of basically students of schools, colleges, universities, corporate officials, health conscious age groups. Since there are several competitors on beverage industry where our company puts a new taste ; the probability of acceptance rate will be higher due our huge marketing plan for first 6 months. Overall, our main objective will be broadcast our product as healthy brand as well as survive with the present competitors.

Our concept Since MGM group is largely distribution channel county wide, so we prefer our new brand ‘Vitamin enrich flavored water” with this group. We consider several factors like recent cultural trends, economical condition & most importantly the variation Of taste which depicts us the potentiality Of our product. First, In Bangladesh people mostly accustomed with normal mineral water of other carbonated beverages like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Fizz up etc. Which exceeds the dietary factors as well as harmful for the human health. By considering those degrees, our vitamin enrich flavored water is well designed for them who wants satisfaction with the taste & nutrition. Second, our vitamin water fills the gap of taste which has made people bored for the long time having normal drinks.

Porters 5 competitive forces model Threat of new entrants If the firms in an industry are highly profitable, the industry becomes a magnet to new entrants. Since our company is providing a new product so it could easily be profitable and if our business become profitable than other company will eventually want to hub in the industry unless something is done to stop this, the competition in the industry will increase, and average industry profitability will decline. We will be domestic company to lunch the product so we could easily create nontraditional barriers: * We assemble a good management team, it may give potential rivals problems while choosing our business as start-up. Since lunching product of our company is new to this market so we could easily gain first mover advantage in this industry. Since MGM group is already established with its superiority in the market, afterwards bring a new item in the beverage industry, so the probability of success will be higher. * We could provide a unique business model for the equines which could create barriers for others. Unique business model I. Promotional tools accompanied with mass marketing like schools, colleges, universities, restaurants are highly targeted to penetrate into our large scale market. However, we have decided to start a Reality Show for the young stars who pursue to have fun.


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