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Virtual Tour May Institute

EDUC 217
MAY INSTITUTE May Institute was found in 1955, being one of the first school for children with autism spectrum. Now is a national organization in the treatment of autism disorders and others development disabilities, brain injury and mental illnesses. Its principal based is located in Randolph, Mass, having around 160 locations around the country.
May Institute is a nonprofit organization that help individuals and their families to providing education and rehabilitation services. They believe in the importance of diagnosing evaluation in therapy and the life-changing impact of Applied Research, early intervention and home- based therapy. They are recognized for combining best practice combining best practices in the field of applied behavior analysis and special education. They also have an art school for students who have brain injury or a neurological disease and a pediatric program who is dedicated exclusive to children and adolescents with brain injury. They have a residence that can be used when individual need service and do not live close to May Institute.
May Institute have service of full day, year around day and the residential school for students between ages of 3-22 years. The service is provide in a continuing base since preschool though the adult life. They used the occupational, physical and speech/language therapies to help students to be prepared for the future. They also have the vocational services helping the students to find a job when they turning 22 to have a transition to employment work when they turn 22 years old.
Though the virtual tour, May institute cite a lot of quotes from the parents. They express how wonderful is to have the support of an institute that help their children to developed skills and to be prepared for the outside world. One quote that kept my attention was “ Teachers at May picked up where others left off, helping him make tremendous…


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