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Views On The Joint Family System English Literature Essay

I shared her positions on the joint household system. I had had first manus experience of life in a joint household. I could compose a thesis on the topic.

In a joint household there is no coevals spread because each coevals is a ringer of its predecessor. There is no new thought because old idea are recycled ; no unorthodoxy ; merely orthodoxies ; no sprit of enquiry ; merely smug conformance. No fresh land is broken because merely the old one is trodden upon repeatedly. Time does n’t travel at that place. It stands still and frozen. It is a oasis for the cautious and the hesitant ; a prison for the adventuresome. It is an infirmary non a secondary school. A joint household is a huge security system where no 1 is left behind because no race is allowed. No endowment is nurtured because none is recognized. It is a kind of commune in which the opinion slogan is: To each harmonizing to necessitate – as determined by the patriarch. A joint household is a dictatorship in its elemental signifier. It is a absolutism in the basic cell of the societal being. Every thing is sacrificed at the communion table of corporate security. It is where heads choke in protective detention. It is paternalism from which statism takes root. It is a baby’s room in which grown up remain kids. It stultifies inaugural ; it preserves traditions. Members of a joint household are non persons ; they are walking traditions.

I know because we lived in a big house in the bosom of the Delhi. The house was really old. No 1 knew when it was built. It was decidedly more than a hundred old ages old. Everyone said that it was at that place when they were born. My male parent, my gramps, and my great- gramps, all said that. Of class I had non seen my great- gramps, but my male parent said that he heard that from him. He had seen his gramps preside over the family like a patriarch.

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My great gramps had two boies. He ran a concern of selling coal. He did non manage coal himself. He had a sweeping bureau from a company in Bihar and used to sell tonss to retail merchants. He merely did some paper work and gets his committee. He had a little office near the Kashmiri Gate where two office helpers used to work for him. His presence was non required in the office the whole twenty-four hours, but he preferred to be at that place than his place making nil. There he used to sit with his buddies, smoke narghile, play cheat and exchange chitchat. They were the mainly chases of those yearss. He came home merely in clip for dinner, which was at 7:30 autopsy. That was the clip when every one was required to be present. A mental axial rotation call of the inmates was taken. His married woman, his two boies, their married womans and their five kids, male childs and misss all came and touched his pess when he returned place from work. In bend, he blessed them in different ways. He put his manus on the caput of every bowed caput as it rose after touching his pess. He wished his boies felicity. Children were kissed on their caputs and wished a long life. Daughters – in – jurisprudence wished a long life for their hubbies so that they would non go widows. That is because no snake pit is worse than being a widow in India. He frequently brought some Sweets for the kids and on occasion a gift for his boies or daughters-in-law. They were by and large indistinguishable so as non to raise jealously amongst the receivers. What he brought for his married woman, no organic structure saw. But shortly it was known since she herself would proudly demo it to her daughters-in-law. Some clip she would assure to will it to one or the other daughter-in -law depending upon their behaviour towards her.

After dinner, the old adult male would keep his tribunal for a piece. Any family jobs necessitating his attending or blessing were brought up to him either through is married woman or his boies and he would so give his opinion. That was the terminal of the twenty-four hours after which everyone returned to their several suites. But outside in the courtyard there was curfew. My great gramps was educated merely up to the simple phase. Besides his female parent lingua, Punjabi he knew Urdu and had a handful of Persian. He could subscribe his name in English. His boies were educated up to high school and their married womans were practically illiterate.

Both his boies and their married womans had a room each to themselves in which they and their households stayed. All the kids slept together in the large hall. That was the lone portion of the haveli from which any noise emanated after dark. Often some one had to holler to them to maintain quite and travel to kip.

The full family shared a common kitchen. My great-grandmother decided the bill of fare and distributed the cookery of dishes or devising of rotis amongst her daughters-in -law. Her ain forte was doing Sweets. Besides that, her chief occupation was to happen mistake with the dishes cooked by her daughters-in-law. The utensils were washed by the daughters-in-laws by bend. Each of the two boies got a fixed sum of disbursals of their several households. My great gramps met the common disbursals.

After his decease, my gramps inherited his mantle since he was the senior brother. His ain kids and his immature brother ‘s kids added to the member of the dwellers in the house. Some more suites were added to the haveli to suit them. The same system continued under the benevolent absolutism of my gramps. As a kid I one time counted 18 individuals in the big haveli. Another hall was added for the kids. Boys and misss slept in different halls after the age of five or six. But we all played together in the cardinal tribunal. In summer, we all slept in the unfastened under the starry sky. The eldest kid acted as the proctor. He saw to it that other kids brought out the fingerstalls and made beds in the courtyard. In the forenoon they rolled up the beds and shifted the fingerstalls back to the hall.

My gramps was acute that every one should be educated. My male parent graduated with differentiation. Another brother besides secured a grade. The 3rd brother was non lament on analyzing. But he besides had to travel to the college. When eventually he dropped out, my gramps was really disquieted. My female parent excessively was educated and could pull off a conversation in English.

I was nine when my gramps died. Suddenly, hosts of relations started falling on the house from all parts of the metropolis and even far off towns for the bereavement. We knew about their reaching from their loud weeping in groups every bit shortly as they entered our street. They stayed with us for two hebdomads. Every forenoon adult females used to sit in a big circle to howl and to crush their chests in unison. The drill was lead by a professional griever. Womans from the vicinity would besides drop in for a piece and articulation in the drill. No cookery was done in the house for seven yearss. Meals came from some neighbour or the other. The kids enjoyed the reaching of grievers. They made friends with their kids and would travel out in the field to play. For them it was merriment.

After seven yearss the house was washed exhaustively. It was so considered purified. The deceased was deemed to hold reached heaven safely. Normal activity was so resumed in the house. Men common people returned their work. The general ambiance in the house remained slightly subdued. Children were aggressively rebuked if they indulged in their buffooneries and laughed aloud. No festival was celebrated for a twelvemonth after the decease. Merely after one twelvemonth did the family emerge from mourning. It was so as if my gramps had ne’er existed except for one twenty-four hours when during the shradh period a supplication was held and some Brahmans were fed with luxuriant repasts in his – so in all ascendants ‘ memory.

After my gramps ‘s decease my male parent, being the eldest became the caput of the family. He was a soft psyche but had to dispatch the traditional maps of the patriarch of a joint household of 25 members. He had seven kids of his ain and there were an equal figure from his brothers. So there were six big adult females, headed by my grandma who was like a queen female parent, without existent authorization but still commanding formal bow from every one. The first thing my male parent and his two brothers did on return from their work every eventide was to travel directly to her room and confab with her. That included hearing to her ailments about the alleged misdemeanours of their married womans and kids. The subsequent temper in each room was determined by her briefing. So, in their ain involvement, the daughters-in -law tried to maintain her in good wit.

Like his male parent and gramps before him, my male parent gave names to every neonate and decides what topic they would analyze and what profession they would follow.

The misss in the household were married early whereupon they moved to the households of their in-laws which were a reproduction of the set up from which they had gone. Traveling from one collective to another, they had few jobs of accommodation.

Every first of the month when my male parent brought the earning from his concern, he took the whole sum to my grandma. She would touch the bag by manner of blessing, bless my male parent for a long life, take a little wad of notes and return the remainder to him. Children knew about this monthly rite. On that twenty-four hours they used to hang around the grandma. She would give each of them a little coin. They would touch her pess by manner of thanks and scamper out keeping the coins tight in their fists. Some clip the kids would pool their earning and have a party in one of the halls.

My male parent gave his other brothers a fixed allowance for the disbursals of their households. One of the brother was somewhat retarded and so did non make any work. But he and his household got an equal sum of allowance. He or his married woman ne’er felt that they were inferior and any kid who referred to his disability was pulled up. They were made to handle him as a normal individual. Actually, he was popular with the kids because he played with them without in vacillation. Some clip subsequently, one of the brother move out to another town. His married woman had arranged with her male parent to do him a spouse in his work. His portion of the immoveable belongings was so determined and he was given hard currency in stead of that. That reduced the congestion in the old house. It was widely believed that my aunt felt suffocated in the joint household and was ever seeking to interrupt loose from it. After some old ages of her rupture from our household, she became well- known as a societal worker and so as a political leader. She became a curate in Punjab subsequently and we used to tout about our relationship with her. As I grew older, I perceived an ambiance of tenseness in the haveli. I began to understand that the little insouciant comments made by adult females in the family were really bitching. Some adult females made them in the hope that they would be carried to the intended quarters. Some times there were slightly het exchange between adult females. Two or three times I heard one or the other uncles wear a crabbed expression and talk to my male parent about their grudges. If any kids wee about at that clip, they were shooed off and asked to travel and analyze in their suites. But we all listened to the exchanges and even see the play through the clefts in door or Windowss.

Occasionally, a brother or his married woman would non be present at the dinner because they were pouting about something or the other. Something done or some comment made by the patriarch, his married woman or one of his kids was the cause and that was the lone manner of registering the protest. The affair was so brought up and thrashed out. The patriarch brought about peace or at least a armistice either by indicating out the ludicrousness of the point or by drawing up the errant party appropriately. Sometime the peace parleys wee extended and on occasion some heat was generated. The kids would listen in to catch juicy snippings of the treatments. But the system ne’er broke down. Bruised self-importances were massaged, injuries were treated and normalcy was restored. Once one of my uncles threatened to put up a separate constitution, but my male parent said he would non let it unless he moved out of town. The affair ended at that place. Soon the feelings seeped down to our coevals. The cousins squabbled over little affairs, about sharing a desk, a bike, and a book. If person scored more Markss in an scrutiny than the other cousin in the same category, snide comments were made non merely about the kid but her parents. The bitterness so traveled up to the parents and it got compounded. My male parent was ever fire combat here and at that place. When he raised his voice, every one else cowered.

Our coevals as it grew felt uncomfortable under the force per unit area to conform. Boys must make that, misss should non make that. Outside we saw male childs and misss of our bring forthing making all kinds of things. They broke new evidences, went beyond the constituted classs of survey. They went into athleticss. They spent longer hours outside their houses. Some went into the out spheres and boasted about their escapades.

In comparing, our life was really restricted. We lived under a dictatorship. We began to understand the significance of coevals spread easy. The Centre of gravitation in our haveli was in the yesteryear. Mother knew best, and father knew even better. That was the opinion tenet. We lived and studied harmonizing to male parent ‘s determination.

So I graduated in technology although I wanted to go a vocalist. A vocalist! My male parent was horrified. No, that was for those good – for – nil chaps. ‘You will sing before garnering who will through coins at you. No that is non something anyone from our household will crouch to ‘ . He was set on doing me an applied scientist. ‘You have to analyze technology. Even if you want to travel to England to make higher surveies, I shall direct you at that place. Learn from these Englishmen. After all they have ruled over us for two centuries. That is because they knew better ‘ .

I submitted. After I graduated with differentiation, my male parent wanted me to get down a concern of spare parts for cars. He could acquire me an bureau for that. Fortunately, when he broached the topic with an influential friend of his, the latter suggested that I get some bent of the occupation and so put up a mill of my ain. Agency was a concern for the uneducated. I applied and got the occupation of an executive in a British house. It was an juncture for joying.

And now that I had arrived, the topic of my matrimony came up. Actually, the exercising had already begun rather some clip ago without my cognition. Offers had been coming from the parents of marriageable misss from our caste and even from outside. Those broad 1s who advertised in the marital columns of newspaper boldly proclaiming that caste was no saloon.

I had found a girl already but I dared non advert it to my male parent. Sing that thing were traveling fast in the way of marriage, I got alarmed and broached the subject with my female parent. She mentioned it to my male parent and suggested that there was no injury in seeing the miss. My male parent blew up. ‘Leave it to me. He has grown wings. I shall nip them. ‘

One eventide, as I returned place my male parent called me.

“ What do I hear? ‘ he asked

‘About what, Papa? ‘ I asked innocently.

“ Your female parent says you want to get married a miss. ”

I kept quiet.

‘Why? ‘ he asked.

I do n’t cognize how but I blurted out, ‘ I love her ‘ .

‘Love ‘ , he laughed like a scoundrel in movies. And so he added as if in treachery, ‘so, after all you were non every bit guiltless as we believed ‘ .

I kept quiet, standing there my dead lowered in an admittance of guilt.

He asked mockingly, . ‘What is this love shove. What do you cognize about love? ‘

I could non answer to the inquiry, which was truly non a inquiry. Frankly I truly knew observing about it except that liked Kamala, for that was her name. I liked even her name.It sounded so good.It meant a Nelumbo nucifera. I counted all the virtuousnesss of Nelumbo nucifera. I thought she was the most beautiful, most intelligent, wittiest miss in the universe

‘Son ‘ , he said, ‘we will happen a good miss of a good household for you. It is our occupation. You do n’t worry.

‘But dadaˆ¦’I tried to state something.

‘Go and have a wash. I shall demo you some photographs tomorrow.

I got up to travel in suppressed fury as he shot at my dorsum. ‘And bury about that miss. All this love-shove is all fiddle-faddle! ‘

Following twenty-four hours I had to travel out of town an official circuit for a hebdomad. On my return, my parents showed me a figure of exposure and mentioned the particular virtues of each, which they had gleaned from a close examination of the C.V. ‘s of the campaigners. of each miss sent with the exposure, ‘in assurance ‘ . . They were all alumnuss. Some wee dual alumnuss. They all belonged to comfortable households. They were all moderately good looking.

I pretended non to demo any involvement. My female parent so selected three and said she thought they were the best.

My male parent picked up one and said, ‘Out of all these, I think this is the best ‘ . He had already checked her ancestors.

‘She is a post-graduate. Her male parent is an flush man of affairs who has built his concern from abrasion after Partition. Her two brothers are besides working with the male parent. It looks a household like ours. We seem to be at the same degree of fiscal comfort. I think this confederation will accommodate our concern excessively ‘ .

The miss, Shanti, looked good. A spot excessively certain of herself. There was a intimation of smiling in the corner of her lips.

We went to their house. I liked the air of unconcern about her.

Her household made a return call to our house. A hebdomad subsequently we were engaged. The matrimony was fixed three months therefore.

Again, as at the clip of my gramps ‘s decease, dealingss started pouring in from all sides a hebdomad before the event. We took a big marrying party dancing to their house all the manner. Our nuptials was rather munificent by the criterions of the clip and there were legion jubilations and ceremonies for a hebdomad. The house remained lighted with twine of colored bulbs. Songs form popular movies lauding brotherhood of immature Black Marias and their aspirations kept on blaring at all times of twenty-four hours and dark. No neighbour complained because that would be an un-neighbourly act. A nuptials is a community matter in India and the whole vicinity must fall in in the ball.

After a few yearss of the nuptials, when the invitee had departed, we were packed off for honeymoon to Kashmir. We enjoyed that really much. I found that Shanti was a healthy outgoing type, though a trifle excessively froward. She asked me whether we would go on to remain in the haveli or set up our ain house. I told her that we had to remain with the household for the clip being. I would see how to do out a instance for interrupting out into a atomic unit without making griefs or a dirt.

Tension surfaced within a hebdomad of our return to the old house.

Shanti did non happen suited company in the haveli. Throughout the twenty-four hours she had nil to make. She did non like holding session of chitchats with my female parent or my aunts. She found mistake with the upbringing of my nephews and nieces who were noisy and nosey. She resented their friendly gestures as invasion into her privateness. She said she felt suffocated in that big house.

She did non present her friends who came to see her to the ladies of the house. My parents, aunts and even kids did non like her stand-offish attitude toward the family. My parents frequently hinted to me about that. I would express joy off and state them she was their pick, non mine.

One twenty-four hours Shanti told me excitedly that she had an offer of a occupation in a new school. I had no expostulation to that but I said it would hold to be approved by my parents. No adult female of the house had of all time gone out for work. Men common people earned adequate money for the adult females to populate comfortably. Womans who went out tended to travel out of control. They would hold to work with work forces. And that carried its ain hazards. They besides became independent. Shanti already had sufficiency of that in her character.

Surprisingly, my parents did non raise any expostulation to the proposal. However, the aunts murmured that that was Shanti ‘s cagey manner of avoiding holding to go to to her portion of the jobs in the house.

In a manner it was good. She remained off most of the twenty-four hours. In the eventide she brought place some work. It seemed to be a good agreement. But I had to hear supercilious comments from my cousin ‘s married woman and other that she was a invitee in the house, non a member of the family.

A twelvemonth after that, my male parent died all of a sudden of bosom onslaught. This clip the mourning ceremonials were non on the luxuriant graduated table as in the instance of my gramps. My female parent was non in favor of that. The whole thing was over in a hebdomad. My male parent, the patriarch of the household, became a memory.

My female parent remained unusually composed in her mourning. But she craved company, understanding and attending. She had narratives to state of her younger yearss, of her matrimony and of our childhood. That was her manner of live overing her good old yearss. She wanted an audience. In the beginning we heard her, but she became insistent and we had other things to make. Within a twelvemonth, one of my brothers broke off from the joint household. He asked of his portion in the belongings so that he could put up his ain constitution. He was the one whose married woman was considered ‘good ‘ because she was the adjusting type.

My uncle who succeeded my male parent as the caput of the family suggested that times had changed and that my male parent ‘s household should populate individually. He said he would name an arbiter to do a just distribution of the belongings.

So my female parent, my brother who was still with us and I with Shanti constituted one unit. We took a modern house in the South Extension Area of Delhi and started populating at that place.

I thought affairs would better for Shanti now that we had a smaller family-though still joint and there were merely two adult females in the house. Curiously, it worked the other manner. I found that it was easier for four adult females to populate under the same roof than two.

Every eventide when I returned from office, I would travel foremost to my female parent and pass some clip with her. Shanti did non like that. She excessively was waiting in her den. Often, I asked Shanti to convey tea to that room. She preferred to hold it in her room, but joined with unconcealed deficiency of enthusiasm. I rarely succeeded in stoking up a conversation between the two in my female parent ‘s room. Shanti came at that place reluctantly like a caprine animal that had to be dragged from her interest. Merely she did non bleat – at least non audibly. At the slightest alibi, she would interrupt loose and non return.

My female parent would inquire merely me to acquire whatever she needed. Shanti resented that. ‘Why does n’t she inquire me? ‘ she would kick.

She does n’t brother, was my female parent ‘s counter justification when I suggested that she ask her.

I could make nil.

Differences besides erupted on how to brig up our boy, Rana. My female parent did non like him to be entrusted to the attention of an ayah. ‘He will absorb her character ‘ ; she used to warn us.

‘All my friends do that ‘ , Shanti would state coolly. ‘What is incorrect into her, any manner? ‘ she would dispute my female parent.

I had a catalogue of ailments to screen out on both sides whenever I returned form circuit.

I felt annoyed, exhausted, angry, frustrated.

‘You ca n’t hold any self-development here ‘ , Shanti complained. “ You have to conform, or be condemned. A joint household is a cloning mill. ‘ I liked that term when cloning had non yet been done anyplace. She was good in the usage of words. ‘There is no coevals spread in a joint household because it is prolongation of one coevals ‘ ; I head her comment to a friend of ours. It was insightful but I could non back up it because it was insurgent of the system that we were populating in.

‘Why do we hold to eat at a fixed clip which is laid down by the Grande Dame? ‘ , she would inquire sardonically.

Six old ages passed like that. My female parent would some clip travel to my brother ‘s house and remain at that place for a few hebdomads. But my brother ‘s married woman would bluffly inquire us when we were directing for her.

Though things wee said at her back, she could feel the she was unwanted. She felt humiliated by a quiet exclusion from decision-making.

On the other manus, Shanti felt persecuted by what she called ‘nagging ‘ which in fact was unthreatening advice from my female parent. For me there was no flight from the cold war and its unseeable cross-fire.

One twenty-four hours the president of my company called me and said that in position of my good work, I would be posted to London. For about six months it would be a Aristotelian agreement, which would take me to different topographic points with London as my base. It would be a non-family station, my foreman who was an ex-army officer told me badly. But you will be compensated for maintaining household here. After that you can all be together.

Shanti was excited when I told her about it. Her face fell when she heard about the chance of her holding to remain in Delhi for six months without me – and with my female parent. But she could see the visible radiation at the terminal of the tunnel.

My female parent was depressed. ‘What will go on to me? She asked.

‘You will besides fall in us after some clip ‘ , I consoled her. Shanti kept quiet

What will I make in London? She asked in desperation. Shanti agreed with her but did non show her sentiment.

Individually, I worked out a trade with my brother. I said I would give him one 1000 rupees per month if he would maintain her boulder clay I was able to settle down in London. His married woman told him it was non a just trade. No exchange affecting her mother-in-law was a just trade for her. Then she thought of her boy. The excess money would pay for his disbursals in the Doon School. That was her dream to hold her boy educated in that celebrated school. But on his ain my brother could non quite afford that. So they agreed to maintain my female parent for up to one twelvemonth. After that she expected some portion of belongings from her widowed female parent to come to her.

My brother and I nevertheless thought that the agreement would non last that long. Do n’t allow your married woman toxicant her ‘ I warned my brother in joke and both of us laughed.

It was on the footing of that patchy understanding that I left for England, non quire certain how things would work out. But absence from the topographic point of action is a great alleviation. It is as if nil go oning. Not seeing is non believing.

Old people, and the really immature like to populate in a joint household. That provides a support for them. But people in their young person do non like it. It constrains them. It prevents their growing. It cramps their manner. It is an sarcasm that parents who bring up kids by doing so many forfeits, become unwanted for those really kids when they grow old. Be it the Buddha who said that the love of parents for their kids was natural ; that for the kids for their parents was non?


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