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Utilization of Certified EHR Technology for the Electronic Transfer of Health Information

Scavenger Hunt 1 1. Meaningful Use is the utilization of certified EHR technology for the electronic transfer of health information in order to improve the quality and quantity of health care provided. Its is staged in three step for the next five years; 1. (2011 – 2012) Set the foundation for electronic data recovery and the sharing of the information found. 2. Expect to be in effect in 2013 3. Will carry forward with the foundation and upcoming regulations. Also it is expected of professionals and hospital to use cerified EHR technology present clinical quality and other standards for a smooth transition of health information. . Federal Emergency Management Agency also known as FEMA is an agency with a mission to see that citizens and first responders come together for the welfare of everyone. Its responsibility is to put the necessary thing in place to protect people from all danger of hazards. The (FEMA) was founded in 1979 by an executive order in order to bring together all of the disaster restraint under one umbrella. The purpose this union was to help the different communities around the nation prepare for the different disaster that may come their way and also to educate them on how to respond and recover from what has happen.

Weather it maybe be an injury, the lost of a love one or in some cases the lose of a home FEMA is there to help and offer assistant in everyway possible. This Organization continues to grow as the years goes by; in 2003 it became part of the Department of Homeland Security and in the year 2007 it has help the nation in over 2700 presidentially declared disasters. 3. The effort of the Information Infastructure Task Force can help inprove the healthcare industry by providing an all inclusive telecommunication and application of information and programs.

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This will help industry like the healthcare indusry meet their needs in term of providing adequate services for its patients and a productive environment for its employees. In the healthcare industry their are a lot of data and documents to process along with policy to impliment. So with this task force in place it will help to to speed up the process and things could be done more efficiently because everyone views will be taken into consideration. Technology is a vital part of the world today.

It has transform our lives and society and i know for sure it has transform the healthcare industry and it will continue to provide better quality services to this industry. 4. I think Medline would be of great help to a small hospital in a rural area because since this institution is located in the country it may not have access to the resources that a hospital in the urban area might have. So with this disadvantage this small hospital can rely on Medline to keep it in the loop of any major health concerns that might be a treat to the community in which it serves or the nation as a whole.

Medline plus is a medical library that will provide this small hospital and its patients to a wide variety of information. It will also breakdown the findings into a language that all can understand. For example i use this software to research hypotension which i suffer from and i was amazed by the wealth of information i received and i didn’t have to be a doctor to understand what was written. It was clear and precise. 5. The bloodCenter of Wisconsin is a non profit organization that supplie hospitals throughout Wisconsin and it state with blood and blood products.

This is a risky venture because the blood has to go through so many channel before it get to the patient in need bedside. So the company figured that it needed to come up with a clever way to account for the products from the time they are collected to the time it get to patient. This is also an FDA regulation because companies needs to give an account for its product and since blood is a vital and unique product it needs to be track every step of the way. However in 2007 the BloodCenter founded the Transfusion Medicine RFID Consortium which main plan was to develop productivity and and supply chain safty throughout the organization.

So in 2010, the organization used one of Microsoft programs called Biztalk Server RFID 2010 to make two programs that offers tracking solutions, one for the blood centers and the other for the hospitals transfusion aids. Also with this program in place this organisation will simplified the blood tracking process, and cut down on the number of errors and costs while improving efficiency and the quality of service offered. 6. Millenia Mall, 4200 Conroy Rd, Orlando, Fl 32839 7. (a) The core rules of Netiguette are; Rule 1: Remember the Human Rule 2: Adhere to the same standard of behavior online that you follow in real life

Rule 3: Know where you are in cyberspace Rule 4: Respect other people’s time and bandwidth Rule 5: Make yourself look good online Rule 6: Share expert knowledge Rule 7: Help keep flame wars under control Rule 8: Respect other people’s privacy Rule 9: Don’t abuse your power Rule 10: Be forgiving of other people’s mistakes 7. (b) We can use these rules at a healthcare organization when we are sending an email to a fellow co-worker or patient or surfing the web. When an individual is at work he or she should be professional at all time no matter if you are communicating in person or online.

These rule are meant to held employees accountable for their behavior within cyberspace. 8. Three rules of netiquette; 1. Remember the human: This rules implies that one should treat the person in whom the message is intended for the same way one would like to be treated. Communicating in cyberspace is a two way street and one should show respect at all times. Even if you cannot see the person face to face you should treat them as if they were in front of you without hurting their feelings. because we are all humans and deserve to be respected no matter where we are. . Be forgiving of other people’s mistake: We are all humans and we do make mistakes. Sometimes its as simple as a spelling error or a foolish question (their is o foolish question but the one that hasn’t been ask) and if you decide to inform the person about it be polite you must do so privately. Also it doesn’t matter how self-rightous or well mannered one might be it doesn’t give us the authority to correct anyone. Sometimes these people don’t know any other way. 3. Respect other people’s privacy: One should not snoop around other peoples property.

Especially in cyberspace we heard of people hacking other people’s email accounts and stealing their identity and this is wrong. One should not have to worry about their co-worker or anyone of that matter going through their personal files without ther concent. thats failure to respects one privacy and grounds for one to lose their job. Reference 1. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. “Meaningful Use”; http://www. cms. gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/30_Meaningful_Use. asp#TopOfPage 2. Federal Emergency Management Agency; http://www. fema. gov/about/index. shtm 3. CPSR’s Policy Paper. Information Infrastructure Task Force“; http://cpsr. org/prevsite/cpsr/nii_policy. html/ 4. Nation Library of Medicine. “ Medline Plus”; http://www. nlm. nih. gov/ 5. Microsoft Case Studies. “BloodCenter of Wisconsin”; http://www. microsoft. com/casestudies/Microsoft-SQL-Server-2008/BloodCenter-of-Wisconsin/Blood-Center-Expects-to-Automate-Product-Tracking-Cut-Costs-with-RFID-Solution/4000010140 6. Microsoft. “Microsoft SQL Server version 7. 0”; http://msrmaps. com/Default. aspx 7. Netiquette. “ The Core Rules of Netiquette”; http://www. albion. com/netiquette/corerules. html


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