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Siphon Libel New Expectations 7 D Posting on Faceable, Twitter, Linked-in, Instating, etc. CLC Answering e-mail CLC Testing Writing a report Completing a spreadsheet C] Listening to music/potash An Example 8 D The human brain can only perform task at a time. Fact 9 Time management works most of the time…. But Coin matter how much you increase in productivity, it seems that you will never catch up. Celt appears that you will always be behind in some tasks and responsibilities. Your Frog ; The biggest and most important task. C] The one you are most likely to ratiocinate on.

C] It is also the one that can have the greatest impact on your career. Group Putout First Fact: Multitasking may result to inefficiency and loss Of precious Of time. Second fact: Multitasking results in 40 % drop in productivity as well as increase in stress and also it results in brain drain. Third Fact: Multitasking can lead to driver distraction. Fourth Fact – What people really do is SSH fitting their attention from one task to the next in rapid succession. This reduces the quality of work on any task because you’re ignoring it for Ellison’s at a time.

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Fifth Fact: Multitasking results to a more costly outcome. Failure to complete a task at a specific time in a not so good condition may incur a higher cost. SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS Planning CLC Select the most important task at each moment… Then get started on that task getting it done quickly and well. L] The hardest part of any task is getting started in the first place. So, how do we increase our efficiency? The most powerful thinking tool for success is your ability to discriminate between one priority and another. Rove your Efficiency L] Resist temptation to start with the easy task. C] The most important decision you can make each day is the choice of what to do with your time. Do the Most Difficult Task 0 Clear your desk so you have one important task like a big frog waiting. CLC Discipline yourself to do your most difficult task before anything else. 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day C] What are my highest value activities? C] What can and only I do, that if done well, will make a successful difference? CLC What is the most valuable use of my time right now?

Think on paper – 7 Steps C] Decide exactly what you want. 0 Write it down. CLC Set a deadline on your goal. L] List what you must do to achieve your goal. C] Organize the list into a plan. C] Take action on your plan immediately. C] Resolve to do something every day that moves you towards your major goal. 6 “P” Formula Proper prior poor Performance” D Human brain cannot multicast 0 So called multi-tasters are just rapidly switching from one activity to another L] Psychological Harms CLC Inability to Summary concentrate/focus 0 40% reduction in Holistic Map


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