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Unit VI Research Paper The cloud and We

Use of browser queries, web-mail, and comment storage are a few examples of using the cloud, when we use these applications we outsource to servers located throughout the world, or use the cloud, the information is transmitted to the cloud and can be accessible anytime an individual or organization needs that information to be returned to the computerized device they are accessing. Cloud computing would make programs that you have to upload and use on your computerized device somewhat obsolete because of the same programs and software being easily accessed as a web-based entity, which makes life easier for busy individuals ND organizations.

Another wonderful concept of using the cloud would be that these server companies pay for these services by advertising and through other services that are paid for in advance, so we can access without cost. Using the cloud is cost affective in both funds for buying programs, equipment and software and time managing because these services are accessible through someone else. No more worries about internet risks such as viruses or backing up your system because this dependable server does that for you.

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You can opt to pay for services through subscriptions or access ere programs and applications through the cloud and this can save money in the long run because you do not need to buy an eclectic bunch of computer equipment that just sits around the home or office and collects dust. Cloud computing can be used privately or publicly, an example of a public access is a web-based email site such as grail or Man’s Hotmail. Private cloud computing is done over secured networks with locks engaged in case you would like to purchase merchandise from sites such as WV.

Amazon. Com and not worry that someone else will see your private information. Three different types of cloud computing are Infrastructure as a Service (alas) a computing hardware service, called utility computing, in simple terms web hosting, Software as a Service (AAAS) a service that offers office applications online, and Platform as a Seen. ‘ice (Pass) “means you develop applications using Web-based tools so they run on systems software and hardware provided by another company.

So, for example, you might develop your own commerce website but have the whole thing, including the shopping cart, checkout, and payment mechanism running on a merchant’s rover’ (“experimentalists’, 2014). Organizations use cloud computing for email, customer service management, backups and sharing files, editing documentation, and as a rented network server. Using the cloud for email service will give a business access to important information from anywhere and at any time which makes it convenient. A company can manage customer information on the internet knowing that the information will be safe and can be accessed and updated anytime.

CRM systems are expensive and can be time consuming, but with a cloud service you just log on and start work immediately. When using the cup and file sharing on the clod you can access resources and share files from anywhere and at any time. An employee or top management are always taking some work home with them, now all they will need is computer access to log on and receive documents they need to edit. Using the cloud network servers can save money for the company but, depending on the programs and applications used could become expensive.

Some advantages to using the cloud are that employees can use their time more resourcefully instead of waiting for updates and backups, the cloud does that for them, and the server is available when work must be taken mom such as huge projects, editing documents , or reading emails. Purchasing only the subscriptions and services wanted and not having to spend large amounts on unused computer equipment. The disadvantages are that broadband is not offered all over the world and can cause problems for slower baud rate computer devices.

Another disadvantage is if a supplier from the cloud decides to change an application or service, this could cause time management waste and cost. II. Web 2. 0 Web 2. 0 “refers to a loose grouping of capabilities, technologies, business models, and philosophies” (Kerosene, 2013). Some people define Web 2. As the applications and an enhanced version of Web 1. 0 or the introduction to the World Wide Web which allows more collaboration for users. Examples of Web 2. 0 applications are Google, torrent, and several other applications that have enhanced the earlier version of Web 1. Applications. Web 2. 0 is a collaborative tool and makes it possible for individuals to use their knowledge and enhance the web experience by design and the sharing of information by their standards which could make for untrustworthy information such as on Wisped. Web 2. 0 applications are social media, IRS, wise, blobs, and overall other applications that businesses can use to advertise their services and users can give feedback on their companies, which can be both good and bad because individuals have the freedom of use and can either make or break a company’s reputation.

However, single applications were the main component of Web 1. 0 now these applications are known as platforms because it is one program with several applications. “The trend towards using hosted, or software as a service, delivery models for delivering functionally rich, web-based applications also serves as a good indicator Of the growing prevalence of Web 2. Use in businesses” (commensurately, 2007). Organizations are using wise, blobs , and other Web 2. 0 platforms for advertising, educational resources, and collaboration between the firm and society. Some advantages of Web 2. Are that individuals can now contribute to the internet instead of just perusing the internet. With contributions a company can enhance innovation and services by being able to actually see what people’s needs and wants are because these individuals will share. Some other disadvantages of Web 2. 0 is that businesses use it to their advantage without sharing the knowledge or teaching other individuals on he workings of the platform and individuals become to dependent on the internet for all daily happenings in their lives and if the platform goes down or runs slower than usual it can be very stressful.


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